Montana Morning® Vintage Polo: “An old standby”

Soak up relaxing afternoons in the breathable comfort of our newest cotton polo shirt for men. Made from 7.75-oz. pure cotton in a classic jersey knit, this shirt has a broken-in look and feel that you’ll love with jeans or shorts; richly detailed, this shirt has gold railroad-stitch detail, Orvis embroidery on the left cuff, and exclusive jumping-trout buttons.

While I have enjoyed numerous Orvis products over the years, the Orvis Montana Morning Vintage Polo remains my favorite; an old stand-by. The versatility, comfort, and style simply cannot be matched. Suitable for the golf course or on deck, the soft timeless feel always delivers. The pewter-style buttons with the Orvis logo and fish also make this a classic. This is a marquee item. Enjoy the journey.

5 thoughts on “Montana Morning® Vintage Polo: “An old standby””

  1. We love the Orvis “Montana Morning” polo shirt, but it appears to be unavailable now (2017-2018). Does Orvis plan to offer it again? It’s far and away the most comfortable polo that Orvis offers, for its non-mesh/pique jersey material, full cut and washed colors. Thanks!

  2. No responses yet – I did see a “new/old stock” Orvis Montana Morning shirt on sale (for a higher-than-original price!) but it had an odd canvas collar paired with the jersey body. Is that genuine? Perhaps a last-generation version of the shirt. It also felt lighter but that’s an unscientific impression from holding the shirt. Perhaps this one will return later, if enough customers enquire.

  3. Thanks – based on the underwhelming Orvis response to these posts, I’d say that the company has dropped Montana Morning polo shirts in favor of the new fish-themed polos. They aren’t bad but not really the same. This web page also appears to be discontinued!

  4. I don’t know, I have three of these and while they are comfortable the quality wasn’t there. Buttons fell off the first week and they developed holes near the neck and placket after a few washes.

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