Open Air Caster Shirt: “Despite being put through some severe abuse it’s still going strong”

The Orvis Open Air Caster is one of those tried and true shirts that lives in your closet for years until it’s tattered, bloodied and torn from loving wear but vanishes mysteriously one day while you’re away when your wife has free reign to your wardrobe and can’t stand the sight of it any more.

The weight is perfect – not too heavy, not too light. It has a mesh back so it lets in even the slightest of breezes to help cool you off on those hot summer days. You can roll up the sleeves for additional air conditioning on a hot day or pull them down for sun protection and still feel comfortable in the heat. My go-to feature on this shirt is the zippered interior pocket – perfect for keys, a wallet, cell phone, spare change, sunscreen, etc.

The button pockets are easily accessible and convenient. The utility loop on the front of the shirt is definitely utilitarian – I’ve used it to hold various objects – sunglasses, forceps, pliers, leader materials, stream thermometers, tire gauges, pens and more. I’ve worn my shirt for 3 years now and despite being put through some severe abuse it’s still going strong and still has a happy home in my closet.

Read more and buy your own Orvis Open Air Caster, here.

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