Orvis Bullhide Briefcase: “My elegant bullhide is with me wherever I go.”

I was excited to order the Bullhide Leather Extra-Capacity Briefcase after fell in love with it after seeing it in person at the Orvis store in Manchester, Vermont. Sure it’s a nice bag, and sure it’s a nice laptop tote, but to me it’s more. . .a prized symbol of my adulthood. Let me explain:

Growing up, my family would travel all over, and in the airports and in transit I’d see these grown people moving around with their important documents and their computers. The grandeur of their purpose in their line of work was highlighted by their attire, but more so by their briefcases. Now, on the road quite a bit for my own business in the wedding circuit, my elegant bullhide is with me wherever I go. Not only does it protect my laptop, its components and my paperwork, but the embossed tag with my name on it has made it more than just an accessory to me. It’s a milestone mark, staking claim to my adulthood. As I continue to be on the road quite a bit, the child inside rides with me with the soft-spoken words “We did it.” I love my Orvis Bullhide Briefcase.

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