The Orvis Kitty Bed: “A Cat Magnet”

Sherman in Bed

Sherman lounges in his own Orvis Kitty bed.

photo by Kathleen Moore

I must admit that, before I started working at Orvis, I was unaware this product existed. I was certainly familiar with the wonderful dog beds Orvis has made for years, but the Kitty Bed was news to me. This thing can best be described as a “cat magnet.” Indeed, after one too many scuffles between my two cats over access to the cozy spot, I was compelled to purchase a second Kitty Bed. The house is once again a harmonious place, and both spoiled kitties spend most afternoons lounging away in their warm beds.

Click here to learn more about the Orvis Kitty Bed.

One thought on “The Orvis Kitty Bed: “A Cat Magnet””

  1. The Orvis website shows a small dog or cat bed that looks different than the cat magnet described here. How do I get this one????

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