Orvis Signature Madras Shirt: Cool and Classy

Formal enough for work, the Signature Madras Shirt is ridiculously comfortable.
Photo via orvis.com

I’m not gonna lie to you: if it were up to me, I’d wear a tee shirt and jeans to work every day. But I also want to be taken seriously as an adult and an employee, so I try to look reasonably professional. In summertime, that means wearing a short-sleeve Orvis Signature Madras Shirt almost every day. I am wearing one as I type this, in fact.

The Indian-made shirts are constructed of soft, light cotton that breathes well, making the shirts incredibly comfortable. There’s no stiffness about them at all. Plus, you don’t have to iron it. It’s the perfect summertime business shirt, and it looks great in casual situations, as well.

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