“I just can’t believe I didn’t get one sooner!”: The Orvis Tempur-Pedic Dog Bed

One of the Orvis products I’ve come to depend on is the Orvis Tempur-Pedic Deep Dish Dog Bed (item 4X99). As the proud parent of a 16-year-old German shepherd mix, it’s all about making him comfortable at this point. The Tempur-Pedic material is perfect for his poor, arthritic hips, while still being soft enough that he loves sleeping on it. All day. Which, at his age, he’s earned the right to do.

I’ll be the first to admit that I had a hard time convincing myself that my dog needed a Tempur-Pedic mattress, but we didn’t have it long before it became obvious that there really is no substitute for it, especially for an older dog like mine. Best of all, it still holds its shape just like the first day I brought it home. I just can’t believe I didn’t get one sooner!

Click here to read more about the Orvis Tempurpedic Dog Bed and get one for your best friend!

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Orvis Two-Day Fly-Fishing School: “a weekend I will never forget.”

Written by: Orvis Customer Phillip C


After I spent thirteen months in Afghanistan, my Dad and I needed some quality time together. I found the school on Orvis’s website and knew it would be perfect. The Lodge & Spa at Cordillera was such a treat. I have never been treated so well by a group of strangers.

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Silver Sonic Waders: “leak-free longer than any waders I have ever owned.”

Written by TL Lauerman

TL Lauerman after a day chasing ducks with his Lab, Jaws.
Photo courtesy TL Lauerman

I am not sure exactly when I got this pair of Silver Sonic Convertible-Top Waders but it seems like at least two years ago. My duck-hunting waders finally fell apart at the end of the 2011/2012 duck season.

I wore my fly-fishing waders (the Silver Sonics) for the entire 2012/2013 duck season and have been wearing them since the beginning of this season. I am very hard on my stuff—especially during duck season. I am amazed that they have gone this long and not had the first leak. I hate to think how many pairs of waders I have owned over the years. Without a doubt these have been leak-free longer than any waders I have ever owned.

TL Lauerman is the Sales manager for Wapsi Fly, Inc., in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

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Shearling Warmer Slippers: “I have to draw the line at wearing them at the grocery store.”

Our shearling warmer slippers are the to-die-for accessory for warm and comfortable feet. I live an an old house (circa 1890) and winter time comes with cold floors so they keep my feet toasty. In the summertime, I’m too stubborn to give them up for a few months so I wear them nearly all year round. They are too comfortable to stash away for the fall/winter. Plus, they have rubber soles so I can walk outside in them, added bonus for running out to the car. Although I have to draw the line at wearing them at the grocery store…bummer!

Get your own pair to love here!

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Orvis Signature Madras Shirt: Cool and Classy

Formal enough for work, the Signature Madras Shirt is ridiculously comfortable.
Photo via orvis.com

I’m not gonna lie to you: if it were up to me, I’d wear a tee shirt and jeans to work every day. But I also want to be taken seriously as an adult and an employee, so I try to look reasonably professional. In summertime, that means wearing a short-sleeve Orvis Signature Madras Shirt almost every day. I am wearing one as. . .

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