The Huge Wooly Bone: “A Very Special Toy”

Written by: Orvis customer “Ninalicious,” from PA


The Huge Wooly Bone is Buddy’s favorite.
photo via

My Golden, Buddy, is able to destroy any toy in a matter of seconds. We have bought him every “indestructible toy” on the market—gone in a minute! Except for this bone, which he loves to carry around and is obviously very dear to him.

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Spray Bark Control Collar: A Gentle Way to Stop Unwanted Barking

Written by: Cathy Chappell

The Spray Bark Control Collar is a gentle, humane way to stop unwanted behavior.
photo via

We adopted Jennie, our Plott Hound-Weimaraner mix, in New Hampshire. She started out very mellow, though she was afraid of the hot-air balloons that would fly frequently over our home. In an attempt to make her less whimpy, other family members tried to get her excited over the balloons. This worked, but unfortunately she started to bark at the balloons. . .and the moon. . .and anything else in the sky.

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Iconic Style: Clarks Desert Boots for Women

Clarks Desert Boots for Women

I was looking for an easy casual shoe this fall to wear with jeans when I discovered these supercool Clarks’ Desert Boots. I generally love anything with a heel, but these flat boots caught my eye, reminding me of vintage styles from the ’70s. They are completely comfortable, are really well made, and look great with both skinny-leg and boot-cut jeans or cords. I’ve even paired them with thick tights, chunky socks, and a jean skirt. I’ve worn them consistently throughout the fall and now into winter, and they still look brand new. These definitely have an iconic style, and will be in my wardrobe as long as Orvis sells them.

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Women’s Sling Pack: “A Great Carry-All!”

Love the Women’s Sling Pack! It’s a great carry all and a great size for women. It totes all my needed gear well and it’s great to break-away from typical men’s gear with a bit of femininity in its coloring and style.

JJ Salmon2

Jackie was sporting the Women’s Sling Pack when she caught her first landlocked salmon.

photo courtesy Jackie Jordan

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The Orvis Kitty Bed: “A Cat Magnet”

Sherman in Bed

Sherman lounges in his own Orvis Kitty bed.

photo by Kathleen Moore

I must admit that, before I started working at Orvis, I was unaware this product existed. I was certainly familiar with the wonderful dog beds Orvis has made for years, but the Kitty Bed was news to me. This thing can best be described as a “cat magnet.” Indeed, after one too many scuffles between my two cats over access to the cozy spot, I was compelled to purchase a second Kitty Bed. The house is once again a. . .

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Trout Polyleaders: Dredging to Dry in Seconds Flat


I love to fish streamers, and on the Battenkill—where the number of trout per mile is relatively low—it’s the best way to cover a lot of water quickly. However, there are times during the year when hatching insects bring even large brown trout to the surface. So it’s vital that I can switch quickly from dredging with a Hawkins Triple Double to casting a Hendrickson dry fly.

That’s why I love these 7-foot Polyleaders. A loop-to-loop connection turns my floating fly line into a sinking-tip version that helps me turn over big flies and get the streamer to the bottom fast. Although I usually. . .

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