Tips for Selecting Dog Jackets for Spring and Summer

Reflective Dog Raincoat
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“We have a pair of West Highland White Terriers and rain can play havoc with them as it takes a while to get them dry. These raincoats really do the job and minimize the drying job. We would highly recommend this product.” – Orvis customer from Tennessee

If you’re like me, inclement weather isn’t often a reason to stay indoors. So when I rotate my clothes for the warm seasons, I keep key pieces of outerwear handy. But do our best friends. . .

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Black or Brown Belt? The Age-Old Question

Written by: Orvis Staff

What color belt should I buy—brown, or black? It’s a question most men have probably asked themselves at some point. Or maybe we’ve pondered more specific questions: what color belt goes best with my gray pants….

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