Personalized Dog Collars: Stylish Peace of Mind

I bought two orange collars and these are perfect if you have a dog that loves the outdoors. Our dogs love the water, mud, and everything in between and these collars have held up great. Definitely recommended! – haboushin from Virginia

Whether your dog’s name is a classic like Rover, a current pop-culture reference like Kahleesi, or something off the beaten path like Borscht – personalized dog collars will introduce your pooch in style.

The history of dog collars begins on the heels of the beautiful friendship between canines and humans. There are depictions of ancient Egyptians with decorative collars fastened around their hounds. The dog collars left behind by the ancient Greeks and Romans are a testament to how much they adored their pets. And The Dog Collar Museum at Leeds Castle in England exhibits centuries-old collars, some studded with spikes to protect hunting dogs from wolves, others ornately inscribed with the names of wearer or master.

It’s clear that dog collars have always combined form and function. But let’s clarify what type of collar is best for putting your dog’s moniker forward today.

The information, please: Personalized dog collars made of nylon can be embroidered with your dog’s name and your cell phone number in bold fonts and standout colors. This hard-to-miss information is comforting back up for tag licenses and microchips.

Whether you’re going for tried-and-true nylon or strong and supple leather, your pooch’s collar will also include a secure ring for attaching dog tags. If it’s not already woven into your dog’s collar, be sure to include your cell phone number on his tags. Animal shelter organizations say this is key to ensuring quick reunions with lost dogs, especially when they’ve wandered far from home. It’s also crucial to include the dog’s hometown and proof of rabies vaccination. Owners of dogs with disabilities such as diabetes or blindness sometimes opt to have their pet’s condition embroidered into the collar or included on the tag in case of emergency.

Simpler is better: The classic nylon dog collar is classic for a reason. They come in a variety of colors to complement your dog and they are washable, so you can easily get rid of dirt or odors that build up. Keeping a few on hand is affordable and smart, especially if your dog carouses in the mud. Nylon dog collars should include sturdy buckles that are easy for you to snap on and off – but won’t come undone by your dog’s most boisterous antics or scratching.

Comfort for your canine: Adjustable collars grow with your puppy and won’t become too tight or chafe your dog’s neck as he gets bigger. Generally, a comfortable, safe and snug fit is indicated when two fingers fit under the collar. Any decorative touches are best built-in, such as stitching or braiding on a leather collar and embroidered embellishments on a nylon collar.

Clicking a leash to a strong, comfortable and informative dog collar provides invaluable peace of mind. So whenever you and Rover set out to explore your own neighborhood or tackle a hiking trail across the country, you can revel in your surroundings and the good company of your four-legged friend.

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