The Blog Gink & Gasoline reviews the Safe Passage Carry-it-All Rod and Gear Case

Kent Klewein of the blog Gink & Gasoline
posted this review of the Orvis Safe Passage Carry-It-All Rod and Gear Case



  • Fly Rods & Tubes
  • Fly Reels
  • Leaders & Tippet
  • Fly Floatant
  • Split-Shot
  • Nail-Knot Tool

This list goes on and on with what I need to pack for my guide trips and fly fishing travels. It’s astonishing how much room all this gear takes up in your vehicle once you’ve packed it all in, and the list above is only a partial list of what I need for my days out on the water. I still need waders, boots, fishing packs, net, camera, and enough room to transport my clients. Anyway I looked at it, I was in desperate need of finding a better way to organize all my gear. It was taking far too long for me to strategically load and unload my truck every day.

Recently, I ran across and purchased the Orvis Safe Passage, Carry-It-All Rod and Gear Case, and it’s completely blown me away with it’s ability to safely store an insane amount of gear in half the space. Everything I need is right at my finger tips and that keeps me organized and saves me a ton of time rigging up. From one fellow guide to another, since I’ve started using this gear case, I’ve no longer found myself turning around and heading back to the cabin for a critical piece of gear I forgot to pack. Below is a break down of what the Orvis Carry-It-All gear case can handle and I why I love it.

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One thought on “The Blog Gink & Gasoline reviews the Safe Passage Carry-it-All Rod and Gear Case”

  1. I bought one last year at the Orvis store in San Destin FL. This is a very handy item. I keep my trout rods, reels and spare fly boxes in it and just grab and go. No more lugging around a bunch of rod tubes and reel cases. I will be taking it with me on our trip to FL at the end of July.

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