Shearling vs. Sherpa: Which Is Better?

By: Orvis Staff

Shearling and sherpa are two of the materials that always seem to pop up as frost threatens to turn to snow. But what is shearling, exactly, and what is sherpa? What is the difference between them? And when it comes to the shearling versus sherpa debate, is one better than the other? Wintry weather is blowing in and it’s time to bundle up; here’s a peek at what makes these two coveted textiles perfect options for frigid temperatures.

What Is Shearling?

The term ‘shearling’ describes a lamb that has had only one shearing. A shearling sheepskin is the skin of a shearling lamb that’s tanned, processed, and dyed with the wool still intact. This creates a suede or leather material with a soft wool on the opposite side. Because the wool is still attached to the skin, shearling is a fur product. Shearling lambskin leather is used in luxury coats, jackets, hats, gloves, and more.

The use of sheepskin as outerwear dates to prehistoric times when fur was essential to survival. More recently, rugged, ultra-warm sheepskin bomber jackets were produced during World War I to protect pilots who flew uninsulated planes in below-freezing temperatures. The use of sheepskin for military apparel continued through World War II.

Sheepskin shearling made the leap from military applications to modern fashion, with appearances on the runway, on the street, and in the cold-weather arsenal of many outdoorsmen. From coats, mittens, and hats to slippers and fuzzy, slipper-like boots, sheepskin is a top textile pick. Blankets and rugs bring sheepskin into the home for décor that pulls double duty—the handsome shearling material offers a comfortable, breathable, moisture-wicking option for any season.

What makes a sheepskin ‘shearling?’ Some retailers use the term shearling to refer to any sheepskin tanned with the wool intact, but a single shearing is what creates the soft, uniform look and feel sought after in a true lamb shearling hide. While the term ‘shearling’ is somewhat fluid, there is one rule that must be followed: the sheepskin must be processed, tanned, and dyed with the wool intact. A stitched-in wool layer, whether genuine or faux, is not true shearling.

Is Shearling Warm?

The answer is unequivocally, yes. Most commonly, shearling products are manufactured with the suede on the outside and the indulgent wool on the inside, but the reverse also may be true. Wool-side-out collars prevent the snow and moisture from building up at the neckline, and textured wool trim contrasts nicely against the smooth suede of a jacket.

To prevent damage, shearling is not recommended for regular wear in the rain, but it will repel water and dry easily at room temperature if you happen to be caught in a storm. Store your shearling items in a dry area to prevent mildew, and leave washing to leather cleaning professionals.

Benefits of Shearling

  • Insulates and retains heat naturally, even in frigid temperatures
  • Breathable
  • Water-repellent outer suede, moisture-wicking inner wool for versatile protection from the elements
  • Durable, long-lasting material resists tears, rips, and snags
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Flame-resistant, static-resistant, and antibacterial
  • Has a reputation as a luxurious addition to a wardrobe
  • Ages beautifully with proper care, gets more supple through time
  • Many sheepskin products are by-products of the meat industry, reclaiming materials that would otherwise be disposed of.

Bone-Embossed Sherpa Throw

What is Sherpa?

Sherpa is a fabric made from polyester (fleece), acrylic, or cotton and is sometimes called ‘faux shearling,’ named for its resemblance to the wool-lined clothing worn by the Sherpa people of Nepal. Sherpa mimics the bumpy texture of sheep’s wool. The faux-sheepskin fabric is often used to line coats or jackets, or to construct sweaters, because it performs wonderfully in freezing temperatures. The dense pile of the lightweight material insulates against the cold without bulk, for a high-performance alternative to fur or sheepskin. Sherpa is also used for blankets, mittens, hats, boots, and slippers.

Sherpa-lined outerwear has surged in popularity, favored for its modern features, cold-weather performance, and vintage style cues. Faux-shearling is more affordable than sheepskin, but quality is still important. A poorly constructed sherpa jacket may become matted or pill with use.

Is Sherpa Warm?

On its own, sherpa would not make a warm jacket—the wind would cut right through. But a cotton, denim, or microsuede outer shell, paired with a stitched or bonded sherpa lining, or layered over a sherpa fleece, creates a tough, windproof option that insulates against the cold.

Nor is sherpa just for outerwear. Your canine companion will gladly snuggle up with a sherpa fleece dog blanket or in his dog bed. He will love the cozy softness, and you’ll appreciate how easy it is to wash.

While some cry that faux just isn’t the same, science fiction fans have been talking about the shearling-like trench coat Ryan Gosling’s ‘Officer K’ wore in in Blade Runner 2049. Costume designers created a sherpa-lined cotton coat, then laminated and painted it—resulting in faux-shearling that looks like the real deal. This animal-free sherpa coat stayed true to the dire future imagined in the novel by Philip K. Dick.

Benefits of Sherpa

  • Synthetic material is easy to clean
  • The loft makes sherpa-lined products incredibly warm.
  • Can insulate better than shearling, without the weight or bulk
  • Wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • It’s less expensive than shearling products.
  • Mimics the look of wool, but does not use animal products

Shearling has stood the test of time, but sherpa has made a name for itself as a cold-weather champion. There is a shearling or sherpa coat for every taste. From rugged, ready-to-work coats to luxurious, fashionable jackets, both shearling and sherpa can take on the bitter chill of winter. Sherpa and shearling are smart options for warmth and style, built to last.

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  1. Basically, these shearling sheepskin products are the traditional bulky, warm and fuzzy fabrics while the sherpa sheepskin fabrics are the less bulky versions which still offer great insulation against the cold. That is quite nice to learn as my wife really loves her jackets made of natural animal produce. I’ll try to look for both kinds of clothing made from those fabric and see which would suit best for her. Thanks!

    1. what would suit her best would be the animal cruelty free Sherpa… for god sake, that a BABY BEING USED FOR SHEARLING..

      1. Gwt over your self.we have used animal hides for protection from the elements for as long as we figured out how to knap stone and light fires.and while you argue animal cruelty we dont talk about what synthetics manufacuring does to entire eco sir are being cruel to thousands of animals supporting synthetics while we just take one life.and generally its not in a cruel is sometimes unpleasant.lions dont humanely kill their prey so why the hell should we?it sound cruel but if we was having this convo 400 years ago you would probably be lynched lol.this is how we as a speicies suvived throughout our history.we are preditors.plain and simple.only reason you get to ride these ban wagons is cause we can make synthisised foods to support your idiotic diets.take it all away and you would die cery quickly while we survive.sometimes i wish a global cotastrophy would hit just to teach all you clowns a few lessons on survival.

          1. good answer ???
            lions aren’t humane, why should humans be ?
            they’re trying to survive.
            YOU are an ignorant fool….and yes, it isn’t four hundred years ago, point exactly, that was the ONLY way humans could survive. You too, please learn how to spell ! Environmental catastrophe….I wonder what would fare better, animals or plants. I again, am vegetarian, I do not try to change others, or have a CRAZY diet! How about eating a generic salad once in a blue moon. It’s the gluttony of people needing 2 lbs of meat a day….it is just very sad, you have no empathy.

          2. @Richard D peterson
            So, because we’re humans we have more rights to maim, torture, and desecrate others if they’re animals? Honestly, people like you make me sick. Y’all have no empathy for anything or anyone, only spittin whatever shit comes to your mind if anyone disagrees with any of your hateful opinions. All of y’all make me ashamed to be a human. I can;t wait for ya to reap the sufferin you’ve sewn.

        1. That’s just stupid we don’t need animals to live in this times you caveman we are advanced enough now and have been for thousands of years it’s simply a matter of preference

          1. Animal products are far more eco friendly, and renewable. They are also far less cruel than continuously producing polluting polyester and synthetic plastics which hurt the climate. Go green, use animal products.

        2. You are an idiot. You clearly cannot appropriately use spelling or grammar. If you are not able to use the most basic means to communicate why should anyone consider your opinion as anything more than a lackluster shriveled turd? Do not waste other’s time sharing your empty opinion. There are now alternatives to the old and outdated ways. Do you still ride a horse to work? Probably not. Do you use electricity? Great. Perhaps you might also consider turning on the proverbial lightbulb above your thick head and think. Since there are now other options for clothing and food maybe you could also consider sparing a helpless animal from pain, abuse, and death. Think before you talk or type.

          1. Amen-
            Go vegan
            For EVERYTHING
            To wear, to eat, to entertain, to experiment on.
            Peace peace peace

          2. Interesting because ( regardless of wether I agree or disagree) the man with an opinion different than yours was not being rude or insulting, just expressing his POV and yes, he is not spelling every word correctly and you use that against him in a cruel manner… attacking and obviously hoping to hurt him …. Again I might actually and possibly agree with your POV more but seeing (not just you but another poster) insulting and attacking someone with a different opinion seems unnecessary and a also barbaric practice.

          3. We still need animals genius. Nobody cares what you have to say, no real argument just resorting to attacking his spelling and grammar. Get out of here you weak trollop.

        3. Wake up! Animals are NEVER “humanly” killed for their hides or fur, because there is no such thing as “humanly” killing another living being. These sheep feel pain, they have emotions, they raise and care for their young….just like humans. And also, it’s no longer the 1930’s….modern technology has allowed us to create equal or better products without ever harming a living being.

          1. If you are ever stranded in the woods with no food you can politely ask the animal to just lay down and die

          2. Well, so its ok to work these young kids to death for little or no pay and their parents in factories and have them running to make synthetics to pollute the air!! I’ve tried every fake coat you can imagine. Im allergic to down but not wool or sheepskin. So in order to not get frostbite I needed shearling inside my boots and coat. So Ive already was very close to frost bite from an hour outside it took months for my toes to heal and the red dots to go away. So My pain and keeoing my toes are more important. Trust me if I could give you what I have for a year and you could feel the way we do. You would be buying it also. One coat and one set of boots. Ive spent 1000.’S on synthetic coats by spyder etc. I buy organic eat and grow my own organic food etc. Pardon me if I need to stay warm. MY bad.

          3. Actually, most animals ARE killed painlessly. Just because we have “modern technology”, it does not mean we need to go vegan.

          4. AJ
            10/29/22 10:30am
            Sick of ignorance, I’m guessing you live in the city and have no real knowledge of animals other than what your bleeding heart tells you. In the animal world there is a cycle. It’s the survival of the fittest. Weak, diseased soon parish, often times by the teeth and claws of other animals so they themselves can survive. The female gender often kicks their young out of the nest, chase them off from the herd, etc. so she can take care of the next batch of young ones. Once she does there is no feelings of lose, she doesn’t miss them. A male grizzly bear will kill and eat his own young if he had the chance. Once males reach maturity of many different species, they often will mate with siblings and their own mother. Pain, emotions don’t really come into play. I wonder do you own shoes, belts, purses? Has your child ever played baseball, football? Have you ever baked a cake, cookies? Know anyone that is a diabetic? Have you ever worn makeup? Have you ever put anti-freeze in your car? The last three things I just mentioned, insulin, makeup such as lip stick, and anti-freeze are all by-products of the hog. Sit down and do some research you will find that man and animal are intertwined more than you think. We need them more than you need tofu.

        4. Man received from Nature the ability to use the environment for his survival. The return of mankind to the principles of economics and morality of a primitive society will force people to act morally and reasonably. Within 30-50 years, the world will radically change for the better, we will forget hatred and enmity, poverty and lack of rights … For the first time in the history of people, the Internet has become a huge trading catalog of many products. For the first time, it became possible to massively purchase the right product directly from the manufacturer, bypassing intermediaries – traders. Sooner or later, but the intermediary merchants will go broke and stop paying taxes to the state, and then the chain reaction of self-liquidation of states and Wealth will cease to be the goal and meaning of human life ..

        5. Yeah, it’s October 2020 and your wish came true in the form of Covid 19. You know whose happy now? All the animals because the stupid predatory entitled humans are just beginning to realize how dumb and stupid they are for not treating the world of sentient beings much better. Ya know what? The animals and planet will have the last laugh, not us.

        6. What an awful take. Basically, ‘we have always been doing something since we were cavemen, so it is ok to keep doing it now, even if we are smarter and have many alternatives’. Doesn’t matter if it was done originally as a necessity, the only option. With advancement of civilization nothing has changed, apparent from your rant.

        7. It is in a CRUEL fashion. What makes you th iij no these animals do not feel pain? There are plenty of alternatives to using animal products.

        8. Richard,these ultra liberals kill unborn children, and 80 million of these people voted for the most corrupt President in our nations history Biden. he also believes in abortion, one day these people will have to answer to My Heavenly Father. And He never makes mistakes!!

        9. Dude I couldn’t have said it better myself, I have never herd of slaughtering a sheep for its skin life is impossible without a morsel of meat, thank God even for the savory smell of the roast Amen

        10. You know what is cruel, Richard? Your grammar! For the God’s sake, please, at the VERY least use spellcheck!

      2. The said “BABY” is already dead from being butchered for your plate. Using the hide to keep you warm provides further use of the natural product and in my view, more environmentally friendly than relying on the textile industry’s polyester manufacturing while discarding a natural product.

        1. Here here, Mother Nature!
          Leather is a by-product of the meat industry. And a sheep is considered a “lamb” until the age of 2. It doesn’t make fiscal sense for farmers to butcher lambs when they’re little.

          We’ve evolved as omnivores. It’s still an individual choice to eat meat. It’s true that eating less of it and choosing wild-caught/hunted is much better for the environment.

          But synthetic fabrics (*not including certain rayons produced in entirely closed systems) are a plague on the planet–production shortens factory workers’ lifespans, runoff from production pollutes rivers and groundwater, and when the product’s lifecycle comes to an end, it doesn’t degrade back into the ecosystem.

          You can make the decision to not wear leather, and I can respect that–but please rethink any partiality you may have for synthetics. Plastic is a cancer of the planet.

        2. You won’t find any dead baby on my plate. You won’t find the mom or dad either. You won’t find me wearing them either.

        1. Nope. All the materials used to create synthetics create lots of pollution. When the synthetic material has reached the end of its lifespan, most of it does not break down.

      3. These lambs are not killed for their hides. They are killed for their meat and the hides are a byproduct that last forever and when its worn will compost unlike synthetic man made plastic and petroleum based textiles that pollute our world and never decompose. The same goes for cattle and leather. Cattle are harvested for their protein, and sinew, the entire animal is used even for vaccine ingredients. Its irresponsible to throw away the leather and then pollute with synthetic fabrics or chemical ridden cotton.

      4. We are omnivores. That is our scientific classification. Omnivores use other animals as sustenance. We are designed to consume meat. Plus, some of us live in cold climates where we should all have quickly perished without the sacrifice of animals for their hides to keep us warm. Hence, us being apex predators; also our scientific classification. I would like to see the First Nations people try to keep themselves warm in northern Canada with corn husks.

  2. I am kind of amazed that you folks think naming a product after a unique ethnic group is just peachy.
    Sherpas deserve more respect.

    Would you call a black leather facing a congo lining?

    Good grief! It’s 2018 and there is no excuse for such careless racism.

    Find another term!!

    1. +Al Co
      I hope your joking. If not, please keep this ridiculous political correctness to yourself or take a poll of Sherpas and report back.

      1. I hope you are related to the famous Tenzing Norgay! He is a hero of mine since I was a boy. The sherpas are amazing people. I think everyone needs to stop being offended on behalf of other people! Also, this was a great article. Thanks to the author.

    2. Perhaps calling it a “Sherpa” style coat is an honor to the Sherpa’s if they wear similar clothing. We could name it something else and completely claim it as our own style, thereby detracting and diminishing their cultural style. But some considerate people name it after the origins. At least I assume this is the case. No racism here, move along.

    3. Lol it’s not racism to say, “I’m gonna name this product after an ethnic group because it’s the same thing they traditionally wore.”

      It’s actually giving respect to them. It’s letting people know a little more history about them.

  3. There are 150,000 sherpas that are acclimated to the area around everest… Google it…..I’m sure they dont sit around thinking …damn…the rest of the world are using our name for clothing…..honestly they probably dont even know seeing as all they come across will be sporting way more durable clothing to take on everest… and heck if one person googles sherpa lining they will get a lil education! Hats off to these amazing people that keep rich people all over the globe alive at the risk of their own lives…

    1. Philly sandwich or NY system wiener
      Or Heaven forbid Irish Whisky and Scotch, German beer. If you consume any of that don’t fly your Apache helicopter.! I’d hate to think about living in Corpus Christy. As a Jewish person or Muslim

  4. Always think about buying faux wool. Sheep are brutally beaten, stabbed and sometimes killed to get their wool. It’s a sad and horrible act against these precious helpless animals! Think about the animals when you’re purchasing clothing.

    1. Thank you. I agree wholeheartedly. In this day and age, there is no excuse for animal cruelty in fashion.

        1. If you beat, stab, and kill your lamb in a brutal fashion, the sheepskin won’t be up to par. In fact, damaged leather loses most of its value. It’s dumb to beat the sheep you intend to sell the skin of. Many herders that produce wool or shearling don’t treat their animals like factory farms do.

          1. Bob, so very true! As the wife and mother of ranchers/ hunters/ trappers, I will say that we have never treated animals cruelly. Our livelihood depends on it, and our morals ensure it.
            Birth and death are natural. It comes to all. We were God given dominion over animals to meet our needs. It is all part of the cycle. Much like a cat chases and sometimes catches a mouse. There is balance in the world, in this cycle. When we interfere with it, the imbalance creates greater issues that if not checked, can hurt us all. You don’t fault the cat for chasing or catching a mouse… Even if it makes you squeamish… But if it did not, you would be overrun with mice, the damage they do and the diseases they can carry.

          2. Anyone who thinks that sheep are killed for their wool is woefully ignorant. Sheep can be shorn many times over their lifetimes. And, if sheep are used for food, why waste their hides?

          1. We were God given dominion over animals to meet our needs.

            Okay, but let’s not forget the “human” in the humane treatment of all animals. All life deserves the right to live. And to live a life free of suffering and cruelty. And at the end, to receive as kind and swift a death as possible. We are not lions and tigers or bears (Or Neanderthals). We have these incredible minds. We have choice. We know right from wrong. We know compassion, empathy and sympathy. The native Americans had respect for all life. They gave thanks for their kills and made use of every part of the animal possible. Reverence for life. Is that too much to ask?

            This world, this Earth is not Ours. It doesn’t “belong” to Us. Who the hell do we think we are? (Frankly, the Earth would be better off if humans were wiped off the face of it, and given time to recover from all the harm we’ve inflicted). It belongs to all. We are merely the stewards. As the “highest” life forms, I hope we can get out shit together and do what we need to save our precious world and all who dwell upon it.

        2. wow…almost each response is WRONG. but just touching on this last comment “livestock was put on this earth for ARE needs!”.
          alright, please learn how to spell ! everyone has a viewpoint on this. If you believe that’s all they’re for…I feel sorry for you. Issue is the cruelty and i humane treatment. I myself am vegetarian not vegan, also believing that certain groups go TOO far! What about the dogs, big cats, elephants etc..this is not livestock. In my opinion, it is the horrendous cruelty and pain inflicted….suffering needs to end! As humans we’re the ones to control this, lifestyles have become meat based, animals bred just to feed everyone at McDonalds !?! you have no idea what you’re talking about. The sad thing is, if you feel this way you lack sympathy, empathy and compassion.

          1. Please! Eat your tasteless veggies, drink your lawn grass smoothie and get a life. WE don’t care what your hypocritical stance is, because it’s guaranteed that you live as far removed from true nature as the very animals you claim to vigorously protect. Livestock is bred by humans for humans. No one tries to stop you being a “vegetarian” so leave the rest of the real world alone.

          2. How is our stance hypocritical? If anything, YOU are hypocrites. Because livestock are bred by humans, that makes them less worthy of fair treatment? We don’t fight to oppress you, but to protect others. If you think we’re trying to personally attack you, I would try some EMPATHY. You do know what that is, right? We would leave you alone, but unfortunately for you, WE have some morals, and care about others. I don’t care what those beautiful animals you call “livestock” are bred for, and by whom. They all have a soul, and a right to live. May you reap the hate and suffering you cause.

        3. “Live stock” is a term humans created….”live stock” were NOT put on our planet for human pleasure, human consumption, or convenience. Humans decided this practice is ok…..

    2. where are you getting your facts from? It’s true that in certain parts of India dunkeys are abused, we can see the pics on Facebook. As for baby zeals, at one time they too were abused by the eskimos (not anymore I hope),but I have never ever heard of lambs been abused by their owners. Maybe by someone who might try steal them trying to make a profit. But that would be super rare in that part of the world.

    3. Please educate yourself “animal activist”. Faux wool is absolutely terrifying for the environment. You’re encouraging the dumping of millions of tons of plastic into our oceans and land-fills. Not to mention the massive carbon footprint the factories require to mass produce faux wool products and other things made of synthetics. Natural animal products are planet friendly, renewable, and can be produced with happy sheep that do not have to die.

  5. Great article on Shearling vs. Sherpa.
    As for the drama,
    I guess you don’t eat anything that has been alive or comes from a living animal or plant.
    Or sit on wood furniture, live in a house, or wear cotton or drink juice…
    If you have a pet what’s in the food you feed it.
    And if you have a pet, is that cruel too. Should they live free.
    Your self righteousness and ignorance is pathetic.

    I love this planet and all it has to offer.
    I am going to use shearling for the slippers I make to keep my children’s feet warm..
    And Sherpa on lighter weight clothing.
    Great article on Shearling vs. Sherpa.
    Respectfully, Gina

  6. All of you P.C. people….GET A LIFE! If you don’t like leather or wool don’t buy any! You can buy that synthetic polyester that does not work. Oh wait! You can’t wear that because it is made from plastic and plastic comes from Big Oil! What to do…..maybe go au natural…Scary!

  7. Well I just bought a sheeling jacket used from fleebay and wonderd just exactly what was shealing… well now I know thanks n I like It even more now! 🙂
    If anyone dont like it then don’t blame me as its not my fault we’ve had this type of covering since Adam n Eve….
    As for other alternatives it can at best hope to be on a par and as for plastic thats a big problem waste wise so in my book if its good enough for God to use it to clothe Adam n Eve then its good enough for us to use for clothes.
    Thanks for the great article.

    1. I completely agree with you, Billy!!
      Going synthetic harms the planet and the environment and then there will not be a nice planet to live not for animals or humans!!
      Humans, plants and animals reproduce but what we are doing to our planet is irreversible!

  8. Hi!! (: Awesome article I just got a Sherpa hooded robe for my bday and it’s crazy warm and super amazing! I’ve never had anything shearling before but I can definitely attest to the fact that Sherpa is brilliant!! (:

  9. The FIRST physical deaths on earth were the animals GOD killed to clothe Adam and Eve whose sin made them spiritually, but not yet physically dead.

  10. where are you getting your facts from? It’s true that in certain parts of India dunkeys are abused, we can see the pics on Facebook. As for baby zeals, at one time they too were abused by the eskimos (not anymore I hope),but I have never ever heard of lambs been abused by their owners. Maybe by someone who might try steal them trying to make a profit. But that would be super rare in that part of the world.

  11. I luv the comparisons and the comments.
    Especially the people being very “politically correct” and “super caring for animals”. Wish people cared for each other as much as the animals and plants/vegetables.

    Has the vegans and vegetarians seriously considered that they are killing and eating living things as well?
    Perhaps research needs to be done for how people can be able to live on air.
    Hold on!!! Just as animals and plants have life and we need to be more caring and conscious of their well being………. what about the organisms in the air. We may be killing them just by breathing.

    The horror!! LOL

  12. Oh my god people, are you serious?!?!? I came here wanting to know if Sherpas were warmer than sheerling andi see all this political crap about human dominion and animal cruelty.
    Get over yourselves, cuz both sides are right! Yes, manufactured materials cause harm to both the environment and people and yes, animals deserve a humane life and a merciful death but is it really worth this nonsensical fighting?!
    We as humans can’t live on just plants alone and it is better to show respect for the life given (or taken, you pessimist) by using all the parts we can make use of. I’m not saying it’s not possible to live off plants but that our biological imperative makes it so our systems make use of both meat and plant.
    Plus what about all those humane farms, ya noobs? There are plenty of farms who respect and cherish their animals and yet all anyone ever wants to talk about is these places where the people are overworked and angry and take it out on the animal. They. Are. NOT. The. Only .Ones!
    Again both sides have valid points, both sides are right, both sides have different views. End of discussion.
    No, seriously talk about how warm the sharpas and sheerlings are and the benefits each has and leav your political bs at the door, please?

    1. On a side note I got a sherpa blanket and oh my GOD is it warm! Seriously, if I covered up with a light blanket, or even a heavy one, it takes a considerable amount of time for the body heat to accumulate to keep you warm. My sherpa does it in less than FIVE FRIGGIN’ MINUTES!!!
      Recently I also got a Sherpa sweater. Had to do some yard work (I don’t recommend wearing for such activities though, it attracts everything and won’t let go) on a cold and windy day. I kid you not my legs were half froze but I was nice and toasty under the sweater and barely felt the wind!
      It was awesome!
      If sherpa is this warm it’s no wonder aviator pilots used to wear them.

  13. Yes, I would like to know more about the environmental impact of the synthetic fabrics (plastics) that we wear if we don’t wear natural fabrics. Many plastics are petroleum based, for example. Not everything can be made out of cotton. And by what process do 100% cotton shirts suddenly become “wrinkle resistant” as if they were polyester”?

  14. Just some food for thought… real sheepskin will readily biodegrade whereas man made synthetics take around 500 years to break down. Which is better for the environment?

  15. Vegetarians, can not own a cat or a dog, in they sicken on veggie animal food. So animals have to be killed for healthy furry pets.
    Vegetarians seem to be haters who think they are god….thou shalt not eat meat, use leather…..just murder plants for their egos. As replies show here. Luckily studies show vegetarian childern end up 10% more stupid than the kid in the next school chair stinking of hamburger. The problem solves it’s self….less brains, less purchasing power.
    Had man stayed a plant eater, we’d never made the first stone tool, nor be here.
    Vegetarians murder only plants, we meat eaters cleanly kill both.
    Leather is such a wonderful product, last generations if well cared for. Plastic shoes…hummm ….don’t see the vegetarians wearing wooden shoes.

  16. Wow, was this thread ever a trip.
    The funny thing about all these animals (sheep, cattle, chickens., etc) is that they would likely go extinct if we didn’t raise them for food.

  17. Agree this thread is a trip. The entire system of clothing materials and food production is being debated in this thread. Need to take into account the fact that fuzzy texture polyester/acrylic fiber fabrics like microfiber, fleece, and sherpa shed microplastics into the air and water–they have been found in all human lungs and other tissues that were tested, as well as remote wilderness and ocean locations. If you are concerned about human health or the sanctity of nature, you should not buy these alternatives to animal products. They do not represent the progress of human technology that frees us from the need to depend on animals. There can be a third way – you can support the latest green materials technology like mushroom leather. Maybe a green tech sherpa-like material has yet to be invented.

  18. I looked at this for info on the best material. No one on here gave a comparison, all of you are complaining back & forth about animals. What a waste of time looking for advice here. All of you complaining ruined this post. Hope you’re proud of yourself.

  19. Hopefully you goofy people that don’t like animal fur coats and love trees are around when this country is taken over by the Chinese or the Muslims. I hope we can see the videos of what they have in store for you!!

    1. Wow dude, I’m a Muslim. Can you explain to me what I have “in store” for people? I’m curious.

      As to Muslims and animals, have you heard of Halal? Look it up. You might be surprised to learn that we are ordered raise the animals, take excellent care of them, and when it is time for the animal to give it’s life for food and clothing, we are to “hide the razor sharp knife from view and not slaughter in front of the other animals” to remove fear in the animal to be slaughtered and it’s counterparts. We are to thank God in prayer and comfort the animal through soft words and gentle touch before quickly and expertly cutting the throat. It has been scientifically proven that this severs the nerves of the animal instantly thereby significantly reducing and even eliminating the pain from the animal.

      It’s very racist and bigoted to call out an entire group of people that you are obviously uneducated about. There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. I’m sure you have Muslim neighbours. I highly doubt they’ve tried to kill you. They also won’t bang on your door and try to convert you like Christians do as that is forbidden in Islam. So, you can relax.

  20. We still need animals genius. Nobody cares what you have to say, no real argument just resorting to attacking his spelling and grammar. Get out of here you weak trollop.

  21. Richard,these ultra liberals kill unborn children, and 80 million of these people voted for the most corrupt President in our nations history Biden. he also believes in abortion, one day these people will have to answer to My Heavenly Father. And He never makes mistakes!!

  22. Amen! Especially considering that the base for making almost all of the synthetics that these tree hugging vegans are praising are petro chemicals! YES, Fossil Fuels! At least when the apocalypse happens we’ll have all these grass fed healthy vegans we can eat.

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