Silver Sonic Waders: “leak-free longer than any waders I have ever owned.”

Written by TL Lauerman

TL Lauerman after a day chasing ducks with his Lab, Jaws.
Photo courtesy TL Lauerman

I am not sure exactly when I got this pair of Silver Sonic Convertible-Top Waders but it seems like at least two years ago. My duck-hunting waders finally fell apart at the end of the 2011/2012 duck season.

I wore my fly-fishing waders (the Silver Sonics) for the entire 2012/2013 duck season and have been wearing them since the beginning of this season. I am very hard on my stuff—especially during duck season. I am amazed that they have gone this long and not had the first leak. I hate to think how many pairs of waders I have owned over the years. Without a doubt these have been leak-free longer than any waders I have ever owned.

TL Lauerman is the Sales manager for Wapsi Fly, Inc., in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

7 thoughts on “Silver Sonic Waders: “leak-free longer than any waders I have ever owned.””

  1. Have heard nothing but great comments on these waders. Looking forward to purchasing a pair when my sliver labels wear out……that may be some time down the road.

  2. Living in Alabama I fish many of the small streams in the east along the blue ridge mountains. I would love to give my wife a pair to get her more involved in fly fishing. She loves coming with me but often spends most of her time watching. She doesn’t like the cold so having a pair of the Silver Sonic waders would really help her out. She loves the outdoors as much as I do. I have owned a pair of Silver Sonic waders for a year now and have to say they are nothing short of awesome. The construction is second to none. I tell all my fly buddies that you will never buy another brand again after wearing Silver Sonic. I have a trip planned in a few months and looking forward to another great outing in my Silver Sonic waders.

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