The Softest Blanket Ever: Magic!

Remember your favorite stuffed animal? Now imagine him or her as a blanket. That’s pretty much the best way to describe how super soft and cozy these blankets really are.

I purchased the Softest Blanket Ever a couple of years ago. I didn’t really need another blanket, but I had heard so many wonderful comments that I had to try it. I’m SOOOO glad I did.

It comes in very neutral colors and blends with any decor and really lives up to its hype. It really is super SOFT and my “go-to” on cool evenings watching TV or when I’m not feeling well and need a hug. My cat, Angel sees it coming up over my legs and bounds for her spot in my lap. Works every time.

It’s lightweight enough for not-so-cold weather and yet incredibly warm when needed. Magic!

4 thoughts on “The Softest Blanket Ever: Magic!”

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