The Orvis Superfine Rod Series: Flat Out Sexy

Some of nature’s loveliest creatures are also some of its smallest. With the Superfine Touch 601-3, you can leave the big world behind, find a tiny mountain stream, and focus instead on the vibrant blue halos and ivory-tipped fins of brook trout no larger than your hand.

The Orvis Superfine line of rods is flat-out sexy. Borrowing a lot of technology from the legendary Helios rod lineup, this rod is surgical on waters that require precise dry fly presentations in tight quarters. You typically sacrifice accuracy and precision for feel with full flex rods, but this is not at all the case with this rod. It is as precise at 50 feet as it is at 10 and you have all the added benefits and feel that a full flex rod offers. Those wild 6-12 inch fish feel like Steelhead on the end of this rod, but it controls the fish like a champ — unlike some of the other full flex rods I have used in the past.

I love the traditional look of the rod, and with the legendary CFO reel, it is truly has the look and feel of a traditional trout setup but with the benefits of modern technology.

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