The Essential Men’s Sandals for Summer Travel

Written by: Jeremiah Greco

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Now that summer’s here, it’s time to hop in the car, on a boat, or in a plane and take off for adventure. Whether you’re traveling close to home or far abroad, if you’re headed to a warm destination, the right pair of sandals is a must for any summer adventure. Will you be kicking back in a lounge chair and sipping Mai Tais, or riding a raft down a raging Colorado River? Check out these essential men’s sandals for all of your travels this summer.

Leather Thong Sandals for Men

Relaxed Comfort: Indulge in the best of summer footwear.

Where: Resort Beach, Poolside, or Backyard
Activity Level: Low to Moderate
What to Look For: When you’re ready to kick back and relax, you’ll be looking for a sandal that combines comfort, minimalist style, and of course how easy they are to take on and off. Slides and Thongs are perfect for relaxing summer days, even if they take you a little off the beaten path.

Leather Slide Sandals for Men
Merrell® Bask Slides
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Around Town: Looking your best in cool summer style.

Where: Sightseeing and Outdoor Events
Activity Level: Low to Moderate
What to Look For: If you’re putting a lot of miles on your sandals while sightseeing, or exploring, the support of a closed-toe men’s sandal will pay dividends when you need it. Designed to be worn all day, they’ll keep your feet going, mile after mile on paved and unpaved paths. And if all that walking takes you back to civilization, you won’t have to worry about looking too casual with completely uncovered feet.

Merrell Adventure Sandals for Men
Merrell® All Out Blaze Sieve Sandals
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Action-Packed: Hiking, wading, and other wet adventures await!Where: Rafting, Waterfall Hiking, Adventure Swimming, or Wet Wading
Activity Level: Moderate to High
What to Look For: If you’re going to be in water, or even on the rocky banks near it, you need extra support, grip and the durability of a men’s adventure sandal. From rafting trips and light wet wading, to waterfall hikes and swimming-hole expeditions, a sturdy adventure sandal will provide all the grip and protection you need and will dry out quickly when wet.

Wherever your summer takes you, make sure you have the proper sandals to maximize comfort and style for each occasion.

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