The Leather Jacket: “The most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn”

Denver Leather Jacket
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“Can’t take it off. I’ve had this jacket for a year or two. I look forward to the winter so I can wear it. It’s the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. I liked it so much I just got my cousin one. It also must be good looking, because I’ve gotten several compliments about it. People ask me where they can get one.” Orvis Customer “Happytobealive,” from California

Leather jackets enjoy a certain rarified status. There are some things that get better with time: fine wine, aged cheddar, a good bottle of scotch. But those are all allowed to sit on the shelf, awaiting their delayed debut. It’s a much rarer item that gets better with use—and leather jackets are among those special few.

Leather is exceptionally durable, which allows it to last far longer than most cloths. But that doesn’t mean it’s impervious—as you wear a leather jacket, the material molds to the body, gradually relaxing and developing the distinctive distress markings characteristic of high-quality leather. The process is similar to the way a pair of old blue jeans comes to feel like a second skin—if blue jeans had such impressive longevity and quality that they could be passed down from generation to generation. Nearly three-quarters of a century after my grandfather got his leather flight jacket during WWII, the prized heirloom is still in beautiful shape. Leather Flight Jackets take their cues from the same iconic design, offering a sense of comfort and style that will only improve over the years.

So, we have to ask, do you own a Leather Jacket? If so, for how long have you been sporting one? Let us know in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “The Leather Jacket: “The most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn””

  1. leather flight jackets are most common and comfortable jackets these are good and long length jacket
    Really this is most comfortable jacket and its color is so bright

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