The Tee Shirt: Essential for Spring and Summer

“Flattering and comfortable but unique. Perfect for pool parties or dinner at a friend’s house.” – Orvis customer from Houston, Texas

As the milder seasons come on, the layers come off. In the embracing warmth of spring and summer everyone emerges from the heavy down coats and chunky wool sweaters of winter to enjoy the freedom of the perfect tee shirt.

Polo shirts and tee shirts for women rank up there with the little black dress and a comfortable, flattering pair of jeans as wardrobe essentials. And while this holds true year round, the temperate seasons are when your tee shirts take center stage.

So, as you rotate your wardrobe to align with the weather, here are some tips to make sure your polos and tees are ready for their starring role.

The plain white tee: Though considered the staple of summer, the white tee shirt will actually have you covered from now through the fall. You can cover up the tee shirt with a light cardigan during cooler transitional days. And whether you go crew, V-neck or polo, it’s going to keep you cool and stylish on the hottest days. The white tee shirt’s simplicity is also a great blank canvas off which colorful scarves, necklaces and bracelets pop, immediately dressing up any outfit.

The plain color tee: When you’ve found the white tee shirt that feels good and complements you, add a few of the same style in solid colors you love. This will allow you to vary your look without sacrificing the comfort you know you enjoy.

The tank top: There are muggy summer afternoons when even cap sleeves are too much coverage. This is when the tank comes to the rescue. In a tank, your arms are bare from fingertip to shoulder – ready to enjoy any breezes that come your way and set to tackle backyard tasks or organize fly-fishing gear without feeling bound up in fabric.

The dress-up tee: Here the tee shirt gets ready for a night on the town by letting go of some of its innate simplicity. Bold prints and asymmetrical cuts create a more dramatic look, while maintaining the easy-going quality you want as you step out at the beach or enjoy a sidewalk café at sundown.

The movie theater tee: Cineplex’s everywhere are notoriously cold. So have some three-quarter and long-sleeved tee shirts in rotation, and you’ll get the shivers only from plot turns and not from the air conditioning.

As you stock up on tees remember one of the best things about them: their soft, comfy nature means there’s no breaking in period. From the first wear, you’ll be at ease in them whether you’re on a hike, on the links, or in your Adirondack chair.

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