Three-Panel Dog Gate with Door:  Stylish, Secure Protection for Dog and Domicile

Three-Panel Dog Gate with Door
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“This dog gate serves its purpose with furniture-quality appearance. It is wide enough to cover an over-sized entryway while maintaining balance and securely keeping the dogs in their area. I have had so many gates in the past that were rickety or required two hands to open and close–you can walk through this one with a cup of coffee. No more climbing over the top. Great product. I will buy more like it.” – Aggie81 from Texas.

When bringing home a new puppy, people tend to imagine the peaceful walks, joyful play sessions and tail-wagging reunions. They are sure their furry little genius is going to ace obedience training, respect boundaries and calmly adjust to their new home.

When real life with your furry bundle of joy is less ideal and your dog gnaws furniture legs, dashes through open doors or fails House Training 101 – dog gates can help save your sanity and your sanctuary.

With dog gates, you can close off the bedroom containing your grandmother’s tempting antique side table without making your home feel battened-up. Wood-paneled gates can keep entire sections of the house off limits while preserving your home’s style and open layout. Just make sure you choose one with a door that’s a breeze for you to get through even with an armful of groceries.

When introduced with proper training and plenty of positive reinforcement, dog gates or crates can create a cozy haven for your hound that satisfies your dog’s natural instinct to den.

Beyond house training, gates can ensure safety when a new baby is being brought home, a new dog or cat is joining the household, or your dog is skittish around strangers. They can also be helpful when you are entertaining or if you prefer eating family meals without your buddy begging throughout dinner.

Though gates can provide peace of mind, they should always be used in tandem with thorough training. Dog experts advise keeping your arrivals and departures calm and quiet to help minimize the risk of separation anxiety. And dogs should never be kept within a gated area for extended periods of time without human interaction.

Getting your dog outside for frequent walks and exercise are vital to keeping him out of trouble at home. A tuckered dog with plenty of opportunities to explore his world won’t likely have the energy or curiosity to discover what’s inside your decorative pillows.

Family heirlooms, favorite items of clothing and dangerous cleaning materials should always be kept out of paws’ reach. But make sure there are plenty of things your dog is allowed to chew and play with inside his section of the house. Dog toys, squeaky toys, chew toys and safe dog bones will keep your pooch content. Toys designed to make treats tough to reach are a good way to challenge dogs that get bored quickly when left alone.

With plenty of toys, plenty of playtime with you, and a comfortable place for him to rest, you’ll find your best pal’s quarters quickly become his favorite spot in the house.

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