Tips for Choosing a Dog Bowl

How do you navigate the myriad choices of dog bowls available out there? There are elevated dog bowls, travel dog bowls, fancy and basic dog bowls, all made from different materials and in different sizes. So, which dog bowl is best for your four-legged friend? Take a look below as we help you navigate in choosing the best dog bowl to meet you and your dog’s needs.

The Basic Dog Bowl
These are nothing more and nothing less than a bowl that you place on the floor. But they’re not so basic after all! What are they made from? Most dog bowls are made from either stainless steel or ceramic and choosing the right one comes down to more than simple aesthetics. Stainless steel dog bowls look great and they’re nearly indestructible, except for maybe a dent or scratch under heavy abuse. Ceramic dog bowls on the other hand, while often more pleasing to the eye can be broken or cracked if dropped or bumped in the wrong spot. Ceramic does excel in that they’re often less likely to slide across a hard kitchen floor than stainless steel bowls. If you do decide on a basic stainless steel dog bowl, then consider placing them on a rubber mat to prevent slippage.

The Elevated Dog Bowl
Another way to prevent slipping of dog bowls across the floor and to create a better looking feeding area is to use an elevated dog bowl. These dog bowls are raised off the ground and often look like a piece of furniture that belongs with the rest of your home. This allows your dog to access their food and water at head height, without having to bend down too far – which is a welcome benefit to all dogs, but especially for older dogs and larger dogs.

Portable Dog Bowls for Travel and Hiking
When hitting the road or trail you’ll find that packing your home dog bowls are not an option. Stainless steel, ceramic, and other hard materials simply don’t fold up into a backpack or suitcase. Fortunately there are plenty of choices in portable dog bowls to take with you on your next adventure. These bowls use pliable materials like rubber and rugged fabrics to allow them to fold or collapse into an easy-to-pack size. Whether you’re staying the weekend at the in-laws or taking a week-long backpacking trip with your dog, a portable dog bowl is a necessity for any travelling dog family.

I hope this helps you in choosing the best dog bowl for your needs. There are other choices out there, of course, but these are the most common you’ll find. From basic to fancy, furniture-like to easily packable, it’s up to you and your dog to find which one works best. For simplicity, nothing seems to beat the basic stainless steel dog bowl, and when you combine that with an elevated feeder, you’ve got a combination that meets most needs.

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