Travel Dresses: Why They Make Good Homebodies

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“The only time I ever enjoyed ironing was the day I accidentally got gin in the steam iron.” – Phyllis Diller

Wrinkle-free is really what it’s all about when it comes to your travel wardrobe, isn’t it? Who wants to pack a finicky, high-maintenance frock for the road, only to have to iron it when you get there? You want it to reach your destination looking much as it did when you packed it, smooth and crisp.

The modern travel dress and friends of its ilk are engineered to emerge unrumpled, with only a little shake and fluff. But consider this: if it works well on the road, why shouldn’t it every other day of the year? Unpack it and keep on enjoying the fringe benefits of smart travel clothing at home.

A wrinkle in time: you don’t have to dress like a backup singer
And you won’t look like the polyester pastel nightmare who was your prom date in 1980. The clothing you wear every day of the week has evolved, thank the universe. But take a look at the fabric blends you’ll find in the modern travel dress: rayon/polyester/spandex. Or cotton/polyester/spandex. Or even just polyester and spandex. You should presume the presence of polyester in most travel clothing because it tends not to wrinkle as much as natural fiber. And it makes for a pretty, swingy drape in a dress. The good news is in its hand: polyester feels much more like a natural fiber than it did in that discotheque’d gymnasium back in 1980. That’s reason enough to slip into it for a long day at the office. (And while cotton has arrived in a wrinkle free iteration, too, you’re more likely to find it in a shirt than in a travel dress.)

Dressing for comfort: spandex wants to be your friend
But wait, there’s more. Born in a 1960s chemistry lab, spandex (an anagram for expands) has revolutionized the way our clothing moves and feels when we’re wearing it. You’ll be hard pressed to find modern clothing that does not have at least a touch of spandex in its list of ingredients, and the travel dress is no exception (see above). So the same pretty dress that sets you apart from the crowd in the airport terminal also willingly accommodates hefting a piece of carry-on luggage into the overhead bin, or stooping to slide your laptop case under the seat in front of you. It should be able to handle picking up dinner after work or hailing a cab for the conference across town as willingly.

Do your laundry: the travel dress will help
You’d expect a thing so elegant to be uppity and high-maintenance. It’s no secret that the versatile travel dress can see you through a long day that starts in an office board room and winds down at the theatre. But here is a little secret: you can wash it. No expensive dry cleaning or time-consuming erranding required. Just a laundry room. And many garments destined for travel are also made to dry quickly should the need arise.

Evolved textiles. Elegant comfort. Intelligent design. The same qualities that make this plucky little dress such a willing travel companion make it a compliant friend at home, too. The travel dress is modern fashion, simple and ever-adaptable.

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