Travel Tips: Car Gear for Your Dog

There’s nothing quite like going for an adventure with your family – and if you have a dog or puppy as part of your family, traveling with the whole crew can take some balancing. With the start of the travel season upon us, here are some tips for traveling with your beloved companion.

Car Seat Covers: Save Your Interior!
A standard piece of equipment for all your travels, car seat protectors are an easy way to preserve your vehicle’s interior and your peace of mind. With seat covers in place, you can concentrate on the road and enjoying your adventure, rather than fussing about a mess. Whether they’re for the backseat of your car, or your front seat—if your pooch prefers riding shotgun—some extra protection and a bit of comfort goes a long way. While you’re at it, consider an interior car door protector for those dogs that love an open window and the scent of adventure!

A Comfortable and Secure Car Dog Harness
If you need a little help with an over-active pup getting used to long rides, or if your dog feels more secure traveling with a harness, a well-fitting safety harness can be a great asset. A good dog car harness can double as a walking harness in addition to providing safety while traveling. With security and added flexibility, a pet friendly harness will serve you and your pup well on all your explorations.

Barriers: Dog Crate or Car Gate
If your dog feels more secure traveling in a crate, make sure it’s comfortable enough for a long trip—a good-sized travel crate that is lightweight for travel would be ideal. If you need a little more security between the front and back seats, either for separating pets or peace of mind, consider also using a car barrier or gate. A sturdy, rattle-free gate would be a convenient way to help separate two zones during your trip!

Deluxe Back Seat Car Hammock for Dogs
Do you have a big dog that loves to sprawl out? Are you comfortable enough letting him or her roam free in the back seat during your travels? Or maybe you want to spoil your pooch with a big, beautiful backseat lounger? Enter the car seat hammock, just for your doggies. Offering protection for both sides of your seats, this big, comfy surface would be like a luxury cruise for your dog.

Car Ramps for Dogs
Especially for our older companions, getting up and down into a big truck or SUV can be a bit difficult at times. A handy travel ramp is a big help for dogs of any age, and can help smooth the transitions during trips. For tiny dogs who like to climb on their own, or larger dogs that can’t quite make the jumps, a ramp is a good idea for adding convenience to your travels.

Hopefully you’ll find these tips for traveling with your dog helpful for you and your dog. The more trips you take together, the more your dog will get used to the road and your vehicle. A few choice pieces of gear can bring a new level of convenience, and if it’s easier to travel with your dog, the more likely you’ll be to go on adventures together—what dog-lover wouldn’t want to make more memories with their favorite four-legged friend? Here’s to having great adventures with your family!

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