Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…You’ve Got a Friend

Floating Dolphin Dog Toy
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Close your eyes and think of me…and soon I will be there, to brighten up even your darkest day. You just call out my name and ya know wherever I am, I’ll come runnin’, to see you again.

It’s true. He’s always way ahead of you and by the time the garage door slides down, he’s at the kitchen door, tail a-waggin’, paws a-pumpin’—the worries of the workday just dropped off your mental map. Think about it. A best friend is someone who listens (ok, maybe not when there’s a rabbit out back), snuggles on a cold night (the comforter is washable, so the chew-bone is fine) and smiles patiently for every silly selfie. Keep him close and return the love.

A dolphin a day keeps the dogs at play
Spring is here and furry friends (especially in cold winter climes) can finally get back in the water. Ocean, river, lake or pond, most paws are happier when wet. Dolphins are doggie favorites the world over. Ireland’s famous Ben, the dog and Duggie, the Dolphin’s mutual devotion has gone viral on YouTube. The Unsinkable Floating Dolphin dog toy gets him catching, swimming, soaring and yes, floating—all with a fishy friend he adores. A rope and a tennis ball inside keeps dolphie floating on top and neoprene outside means it can handle the water and chewies at length. So get ready to toss and let’s see who retrieves.

Rex can play with his peers
Ever get the feeling your canine companion is looking down his nose at the silly human by his side? Truth is he may seek to spend time with friends who trace their roots further back and sound off a bit more. A pup who likes his lizards and stands on all-fours, with tail in the air as antlers approach, is perfectly poised for a bright-colored fun Dinosaur Squeaker or all four. Imagine a flying fiend who got off the ground and preyed on fish and small animals? How about a carnivore who roamed the American West and roared to be heard. Sound familiar? Triceratops, Stego, Pterodactyl or Brontie—put them in purple, green, blue or gray, give them a squeak that invites busy bites and your Rex is content to continue to play.

Chew on this for a bit
Bored is unacceptable for all breeds. Whether Border Collies or Bichons, they need to keep busy when puppy parents have petered out. Chomping down is simply a must and the bonier, the better to go for the long haul. Dogs who have access to the open have enjoyed natural, tasty antlers they discovered by chance, but not every fur-boy has off-leash freedom of the field and it’s not always clear where those random bones have been. All natural, containing calcium and other great minerals, Elk Antler Chews hold a pup’s interest and last a long time. They are the treat he’ll repeat. Choose the size that makes sense (S, M or L) and watch his smile start to glow as his pearly whites grow brighter and stronger.

Honey, Call Ginger—her treats are ready
Sit, stay, shake hands. Lots of things to learn and do and much easier if Mom has a healthy, tasty Honey-Ginger Dog Treat in hand. Gluten-free, tasty ginger, handmade in Georgia—gee and more gee. So much to be happy about for holistic humans who want to share their healthy human brown rice and oat bran with everyone in the family. Celebrate the sweets. Honey offers top vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and enzymes so doggie digestion does better daily. Ginger is another well-known natural, herbal tummy tamer. Many humans take a sip of ginger tea before the plane takes off, so in addition to everyday treats and training, save a few of these yummies (biscuit-size or small bits) for car-sick prone pups. A delicious after-dinner dessert and bedtime cookie for your cherished canine cookie.

Tis’ the season. No not that one. Spring is sprung and depending on your domicile of choice, you are hiking uphill wondering where that woodpecker is perched, or politely holding up your hand to make sure the taxi comes to a stop as you and curly paws maneuver the crosswalk. No matter—wherever and whenever—please slow down a tad, toss a few dog toys and take time to hug him and exchange a few chews. Anyway, I’ve gotta go. Xander just texted, it’s time for his treat.

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