Wrinkle-Free Cotton Pinpoint Tunic: Simple, Time-Saving Elegance

Written By: Sondra Wolfer

“This is a beautiful blouse to wear with jeans or leggings. I wear mine with the paisley scarf I purchased from Orvis a couple of years ago and can change from casual to more dressy in an instant! This blouse is well made and will last for years.” – smlpainter from Virginia

We’ve got an iron in the house that we fire up and use frequently. But I am grateful that stylish, wrinkle-free shirts for women exist, because our well-used iron is rarely enlisted to tame the wrinkles out of clothing.

These days, our iron is on call to melt together tiny, colorful pieces of plastic called “fusion beads” that I picked up from a crafts store a few months back. I have two sons, ages 5 and 8, and was stocking up on activities for the long winter days indoors. Those cozy afternoons are a joy to me, but there comes a time when I need a break from building blanket forts or mediating play fights that escalate into real ones.

Truth be told, my husband and I didn’t often use the iron for its intended purpose anyway. Ironing isn’t that pressing for us during these joyful, busy, exhausting days raising two young kids.

More truth be told, we didn’t iron much before we got married and had kids.

Back then, there were countless other things we’d rather be doing. Go for a hike, catch a Broadway show, go on a picnic or order and enjoy takeout. Now, we’d much rather take a family walk before bedtime, enjoy a movie night or cuddle on the couch to read a few books. All of these things trump ironing.

But, the thing is, I do care how I look when I leave the house. I prefer a put-together and stylish look to rumpled ragamuffin chic. This is where iron-free shirts come in. With a few of those in my closet, I can look crisp and chic even on the mornings I’ve spent most of my time melting colorful thingamabobs together.

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