Top 10 Flies for Winter in Arkansas

Written by: Kati Rouse,  Rouse Fly Fishing

Kati and her husband, Jamie, throwing streamers on a sunny early winter afternoon.
Photo courtesy Rouse Fly Fishing

Here in the Ozarks, our winters are pretty mild. Unless we are in the middle of a cold snap, our lows stay around freezing and our highs are in the upper forties, and sometimes warmer. Luckily, all of our big fisheries are . . .

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Don’t Miss the 50/50 on the Water Film Tour

The 50/50 on the Water Film Tour is a family-friendly night of female focused fly-fishing films. You’ll leave the event inspired and energized by the 90+ minutes of storytelling, which highlights anglers and fisheries from around . . .

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Video: Finding Community in Fly Fishing

Over the past couple of years, Orvis has been working with an organization called Brown Folks Fishing to help make fly fishing more inclusive and representative of the American population. The group’s founder, Tracy Nguyen-Chung, was presented . . .

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5 Questions with Capt. Sally Ann Black

Tucked in the bottom corner of the Lone Star State, Baffin Bay is home to trophy-size seatrout and redfish, drawing anglers from around the country. (Not to be confused with Canada’s Baffin Bay, thousands of miles to the north.) Capt. Sally Ann Black has . . .

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Book Excerpt: Preserving the Heritage of Women Fly Fishers

Theodore Gordon’s fly fishing companion was often a woman, although due in part to the social mores of the time little is known about her. Margaret Penn, the daughter of William Penn, the founder of the Pennsylvania, was also an early flyfisher in the . . .

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5 Rivers Odyssey, Part I: Trouble on the Deschutes

During my time on the 5 Rivers Odyssey, I was tasked with being in charge of the greater Deschutes area, a place that I became very close to over the course of a week. Our time on the Deschutes River was spent with numerous stakeholders—from fly . . .

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