The Arizona Wild Trout Challenge, Day Four

Written by: Tyler Coleman

I hope this spot, overgrown and forgotten, continues to stay a secret.
Photos by Tyler Coleman

Day 4 of our adventure started early, with the normal morning rituals: taking care of Sebastian, eating breakfast, and packing up camp so we could head to the creek. There was a lot of. . .

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The Arizona Wild Trout Challenge, Day Three

The gray rocks gave this guy the perfect hiding place, and for his size in the small steam, he was a blast to catch.

We ended Day Two with about a four-hour drive to the next destination. After setting up camp in the dark again, we finally got to relax and reflect on the day’s adventure. The next species on. . .

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Meet the 2016 Orvis Breaking Barriers Award Recipient

Written by: Simon Perkins, Orvis Adventures

Nelli Williams works to help Alaska’s young people take advantage of their home state’s natural resources.
Photo courtesy Nelli Williams

In 2015, the Breaking Barriers Awards were created to honor individuals who have gone above and beyond to bring new blood into fly fishing, to break down the barriers of introduction. Last. . .

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Photo: “Orvis Girls” on the Run in Southwestern Montana

Written by: Maggie Mae Stone and Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff

Maggie (left) and Jenny shared a three-day tour of some of Montana’s iconic trout waters.
Photos by Maggie Mae Stone and Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff

We are #orvisgirls

The genesis of this was two years ago in Missoula, Montana at the Orvis Guide Rendevous. In a very male-dominated sport, it was no surprise that the few talented and able female anglers. . .

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Video: “Seasons of the Stone” Teaser

Here’s a great trailer for for an upcoming production called “Seasons of the Stone,” which will follow a group of ten female anglers across three states and 1,000 miles in the Greater. . .

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