Video: Honeymoon Albies in North Carolina

Back in October, two of our colleagues, Chrissy Penn and Tyler Atkins, got married on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. So what do two serious fishheads do after all the relatives clear out? They go fishing, of course. Here’s a. . .

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Photo of the Day: Girl’s Got Game

Merrill Tode and her Dad, Keith, proudly display her first trout.
Photo by Keith Tode

At an age when most little girls are obsessing about Disney princesses, Merrill Tode, age 8, is more interested in fly fishing. Her fascination began when she was around two or . . .

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Tiny Flies for Big Browns on the South Holston

Written by: Trey Oliver, Fishing Manager Orvis Charlotte

Mary Griffin shows off her 22-inch South Holsten brown, caught on a size 22 midge imitation.
All photos by Trey Oliver

It seems that streamers are all the rage these days—and let me preface this by saying I love fishing meaty flies—especially with all the cool patterns out there now! What’s not to love about tossing a 6-inch fly into the unknown with the anticipation that a. . .

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New Issue of Dun Online Now

The latest issue of Dun, a fly-fishing magazine created by women, is online now. There are some cool, unconventional articles here, such as the opening feature on fly-fishing for mullet, as well as a rumination on sisterhood on the water. There are also fascinating stories on India and. . .

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Photos of the Day: Better Late Than Never!

Written by: Karen Kirk

Marie Belcastro celebrates a fine trout on her first-ever day of fly fishing.
All photos by Karen Kirk

My mother, Marie Belcastro, learned to fly-fish on her 90th birthday! My husband taught her to roll cast, and off she went to catch her first trout. This happy event occurred at. . .

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