New Issue of Dun Magazine Online Now

We posted about the inaugural issue of Dun—the first online magazine written by, edited by and for women—back in October, and now the first issue of 2014 is out. The magazine may be targeted at. . .

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Women’s Fly-Fishing Round Table is Standing-Room-Only

Written by: Jackie Jordan and Kelly Buchta

Almost 60 people showed up to participate Saturday.
Photo by Jeff Yates

It was down to standing room only, with almost 60 female participants filling the conference room at The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, New Jersey over the weekend. The Future of. . .

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Video: Chalkstream Girl on the River Itchen

Here’s a short film by Ian May featuring Gilly Bate, Winston, and Zac fly fishing for brown trout and grayling on Hampshire’s delightful river Itchen. I love the way that trout chases the fly.

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Casting for Recovery: A Celebration

Mary Jane Edwards (r) & friend celebrate
Photo by CFR

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in celebration of the brave women and men who battle this dreadful disease, we’d like to share with you the remarkable journal of…

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Video: Reel Girl in Slovenia

Something about the color of the water makes Slovenia seem like a magical place to fish. Here’s a great video from Norwegian angler Lotte Aulom, a.k.a. Reel Girl, who can throw a pretty sweet loop. There are mostly rainbows here, with a brown thrown in for good measure.

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