Photos: Chasing Rainbows in the Canyon

Written by: Chuck Coolidge

Holly’s first fish ever was a beautiful, thick rainbow that fell for a nymph.
Photos courtesy Chuck Coolidge

In seven hundred miles of Grand Canyon country, there exists just one place–near the Utah/Arizona border–where vehicles are able to drive to a set of rapids on the Colorado River. It just so . . .

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Video: The Greatest Gift

Here’s an absolutely gorgeous video about a man’s love for his home water and his desire to share the magic with the next generation–his daughter, Amelia. Paul Weiss does a great job of . . .

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Story and Photos: Learning to Love the Outdoors Again

Written by: Michael O’Brien

Miranda’s personal-best brown trout, landed last weekend, taped at 24 inches.
Photo by Michael O’Brien

When Miranda and I met about six years ago, she wasn’t interested in the outdoors. She had fished and even done some hunting when she was younger, but she didn’t keep up with it through high . . .

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