Trout Bum of the Week: Elsa Espino

Elsa with a gorgeous Delaware River brown trout. Photo by Christian Medina
Elsa Espino is an avid fly fisher, rock climber, and photographer. A native of Yakima, Washington, she now lives in New York City. She is also an ambassador for Brown Folks Fishing, a collective that seeks to cultivate the visibility, representation, and . . .
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Master Class Monday: How to Know When a Trout Will Take Your Fly

You won't find numerous trout feeding every time you fish a trout stream, but you do run into this situation, there are ways to find the one trout that is more likely to take your fly. Dave Jensen . . .
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A Quest for Golden Trout in Colorado

Written by: Katie Burgert, Fish Untamed
Colorado's golden trout are hard to find and access, but they offer a gorgeous reward for the effort. Photos by Katie Burgert
Last summer, while my friend Ali and I were fishing for tiger trout, she asked me a seemingly insignificant question: “Have you ever caught a golden trout?” The answer was no, and I had never really put much more . . .
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Master Class Monday: How to Fish the “Terrestrial Drop”

This is a great time of year to fine-tune your fly-fishing terrestrial game. In this week's Master Class Monday, Dave and Amelia Jensen share some tips on making a realistic, subtle presentation . . .
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5 Rivers Odyssey, Part I: Doubt on the Water

Written by: Libby Glaser
Libby Glaser casts for big rainbows on Alaska's  Kenai River. Photo courtesy of Tyler Gagat, USFS
The 5 Rivers Odyssey crew spent our first two days on the Russian River, volunteering with Kenai Peninsula Stream Watch, a U.S. Forest Service (USFS) program that manages salmon habitat . . .
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Video: Chasing Trout with Maddie Brenneman

Here's another great video from BeAlive, featuring Colorado fishing guide Maddie Brenneman. Here, she reflects on the lessons only a river can teach as she pursues her passion to catch and . . .
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Photos and Story: Summer Cicadas on the Colorado

Written by: Chuck Coolidge
Horseshoe Bend is a famous photo-op spot, but most folks don't realize how great the fishing is at the bottom. Photos by Chuck Coolidge
Arizona has always been known for the Grand Canyon, Tombstone, and the Painted Desert, but more recently, places like Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, and Horseshoe Bend have . . .
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Podcast: Late Summer Terrestrials, with Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff

Jenny on her new home water--Montana's Rock Creek. Photo courtesy Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff
This week I have the pleasure of interviewing Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff—the Orvis-endorsed Freshwater Guide of the Year for 2018. Jenny has recently relocated to Montana to run a lodge . . .
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