Photo of the Day: Garden State Tiger Trout

Angler Kate Kelly landed this slob tiger trout on New Jersey's Musconetcong River, with her sister by her side.
Photo courtesy Kate Kelly

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How Should We Treat Women Who Fly Fish?

Cinda Howard is Fishing Manager of Orvis Scottsdale and a fly-casting champion.
Photo courtesy Cinda Howard
One of the big changes from the old to this new, redesigned site is that we did away with the Women in Fly Fishing blog and simply rolled those posts over here into Fly Fishing. This decision was based mostly on feedback that we had received from female anglers, many of whom appreciated that we were trying to call out their participation in the sport but who ultimately felt that the best way to show acceptance and respect is to treat them no differently than we do men. "Women in Fly Fishing" is now a. . .
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Photos of the Day: Lena’s Lunker

It may not be as pretty as a brown trout, but Lena looks mighty happy to have landed such a brute. Photo by Martin Turek
Proud father Martin Turek sent in these photos, along with the story behind them:
My daughter Lena caught this sucker on the Manistee River (below Tippy Dam) while trying for the brown trout that where in position to steal some eggs. She was using my new. . .
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Video: Ladies, We Have Your Size

[vimeo 66750743 600 338]
For years, female fly fishers have complained that waders simply don’t fit them and that too many companies have used a “pink it and shrink it” strategy for creating women’s products from existing men’s versions. But with the introduction of the new Silver Sonic Convertible Top Wader, Orvis product designers have gone back to the drawing board to create a new sizing system that offers better fit and comfort for women of all shapes and. . .
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Photo Essay: Tarpon from a Stand-Up Paddleboard in Mexico

Michelle Bowman is all smiles as she holds the first tarpon she's ever caught from her SUP
Photo by Conway Bowman

Last week, we posted a great photo of Michelle Woo Bowman (Conway's wife and a fine angler in her own right) fighting a juvenile tarpon from her standup paddleboard in Mexico. Today, we got access to the whole series of shots from that day. I've never actually been on an SUP, but after seeing these images and the ones from Chris Lewis from earlier in the week, I'm convinced that this is a pretty cool way to. . .
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Video: Double Rainbow!

We know that Dave and Amelia Jensen produce fabulous photos and videos from their annual adventures, but this one just might take the cake for both its amazing fly-fishing action and its hilarious theme. If you don't get. . .

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Photos of the Day: Chrissy Is Crushing the Hendrickson Hatch

That is a whole lot of wild brown trout to take on a dry fly. photo by photo by Jeremy Kehrein
  As demonstrated by Sam Brown's beautiful trout we featured last week, the Hendricksons are happening on the Battenkill here in southwestern Vermont. Christine Penn—Merchandise Coordinator and Analyst for Orvis Rod and Tackle—has been putting in her time on the water, and here are the spoils of her efforts. She took the fish below. . .
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Is It a Good Idea to Teach Your Significant Other to Fish?

Teaching the Wife to Fish

The decision to teach your partner to fly fish may be more complicated than you think.

photo by Tom Rosenbauer

You know you're dealing with a touchy subject when you have to begin with a disclaimer, but here goes: this post is not about gender. The points made here apply equally to men and women when the roles are reversed. I know several couples in which it is the female who is the passionate angler. The power dynamics are somewhat different, but the same rules apply. Okay, now that that's out of the way. . .

Here's a question I've heard a lot over the years: Is it a good idea to teach your spouse how to fly fish? In most cases, it's a man wondering about his wife, but I know couples in which the wife is the hardcore angler, as well.
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