Fish Facts: Pink Salmon (Oncorhyncus gorbuscha)

The large hump in front of the dorsal fin on spawning males is the reason for the species’s nickname, “Humpy.”
Illustration by Timothy Knepp – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

In the angling community, the pink salmon (Oncorhyncus gorbuscha) is not generally held in the same high esteem as its cousins, the Chinook, coho, and sockeye. However, the sheer. . .

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You Don’t Need a Big Fish to Make a Great Fishing Story

I don’t recall many fish from this trip with my brother years ago, but I tell people about it all the time.
Photo by Tim Wade

We spend a lot of time posting fly-fishing success stories, the ones that end with a fish in the net and smiles all around. But those aren’t necessarily the best kinds of fishing tales, as I learned one day during my time as a guide in the Bristol Bay region of. . .

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The Pebble Mine Project Rears Its Ugly Head Once Again

The proposed site for Pebble Mine is a near the headwaters of important salmon habitat.
All photos by Pat Clayton

A full decade ago, when I was the editor of American Angler, I wrote the article below. (I’ve edited out a few dated references.) At the time, the fight to defeat the Pebble Mine project was just . . .

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Video: Alaska Char Wars

Check out this gorgeous video from our friends from Fly Out Media in Alaska. Here, they film the chase for big arctic char on the Iliamna River last September. The river, which flows into the . . .

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Four Trophy Fishing Experiences in the Last Frontier

The 30-inch mark is an Alaskan distinction between really big rainbows and HUGE rainbows.
Photo courtesy Crystal Creek Lodge

Alaska is blessed with an incredible wealth of sport-fishing opportunities—from easy-to-reach streams that flow alongside highways or right through town, to remote waters accessible . . .

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Photos of the Day: Big Grayling in the Alaskan Bush

Written by: Duane Reading

These gorgeous Alaskan natives rose readily to a well-presented Griffith’s Gnat.
Photos courtesy Rouse Fly Fishing

Anthony and his son, Daniel, enjoyed a remarkable day in Alaska catching grayling on Griffith’s Gnats. After landing on Kijik Lake, in Lake Clark National Park and preserve, the group . . .

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