Exploring Zach Collier’s Important Place

Written by: Zach Collier

Kayaking on the North Fork of the Smith River.
Photo by Nate Wilson

Editor’s note: Today’s guest blog is a part of the America’s Most Endangered Rivers® series highlighting the Rogue and Smith rivers in Oregon and California. Our guest blogger is Zach Collier, a river guide, photographer and owner of the Northwest Rafting Company. Zach has a special place in his heart for these beautiful wild rivers. Join us as we celebrate the Rogue and Smith rivers in Oregon and California throughout September, and be sure to take action before the deadline of September 25!

My passion for Southwest Oregon’s rugged and remote Kalmiopsis Country began with kayak trips down California’s North Fork of the Smith River, whose headwaters begin in the. . .

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American Rivers: Progress on the Iconic Columbia

Dams throughout the Columbia watershed continue to cut off salmon from their spawning grounds.

The Columbia River may very well top the list in a conversation about iconic western river systems. Deemed the second most endangered river by American Rivers, the flows and eddies of the Columbia are far different than the ones paddled by Lewis and Clark in this nations first great western adventure…

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Photos and Essay: Paddling on One of America’s Most Endangered Rivers

Written by: John Guider, with notes by Jon Bash

Sunlight on Rocks and Stream, Spencer Creek, Franklin, TN
Photo by © John Guider 2003

Editor’s Note: The on-ramp to the country’s oldest “highway” system was nothing more than a downward sloping dirt bank for the artist/photographer John Guider as he set out on an. . .

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Announcing the First Two Angler’s Choice Winners!

The Colorado is in the lead as of now. Which endangered river has your vote?
photo by photo: Pete McBride

We recently announced the Orvis Angler’s Choice Award to benefit American Rivers’ most endangered rivers.

To make it more fun, we are randomly selecting one voter each week for four weeks to win a $50 gift card. At the close of voting on May 20th, we will select one grand prize winner from among the voters who will be awarded a Helios 2 outfit of his or her choice.

We are pleased to announce our first two $50 Orvis Gift Card winners:

Ernie B. of Wimaumaa, FL
Charles H. of Scranton, PA.

Congratulations! If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry – you’re still in the running for two more gift cards and the Helios 2 outfit. If you haven’t voted and entered yet, what are you waiting for?

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