5 Questions with Artist Brandon Finnorn

Dr. Brandon Finnorn discovered his passion for creating art when life threw him a curveball back in 2016, but he hasn’t looked back since. (You can get the full story of his remarkable journey by reading his blog post “Stethoscope to Sketchpad.”) In the . . .

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Angling Art: Walter Foster’s Detailed Visions

Walter Foster has been painting and drawing since he was a young kid growing up in a small town in Vermont, where he explored the small streams around his home, catching wild trout. Foster started his fly fishing career with Orvis in . . .

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Angling Art: The Reel Local Works of David Danforth

Rainbow Trout

Florida-native David Danforth began drawing as a child, and he never gave it up. At different points in his life, he has done Computer-aided design (CAD) drafting, airbrushed motorcycles, and created street-art-style murals. About . . .

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The Angling Art of Robert Dance

Written by: Robert Dance

“Fall Rainbows,” Alkyd on canvas. 

At 84 years of age, I’m sure I’m the oldest artist to appear on this blog, and I came to fly fishing rather late compared to many others. However, I have been painting since the age of six, after being born in Tokyo, Japan in 1934. Unlike . . .

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The Healing Fish Art of Ryan Keene

“Two Panel Trout”
All works by Ryan Keene

When asked where my art originates, a very specific day always comes to mind. I remember waking up that morning in our old, damp tent in the middle of a forest along the banks of my father’s . . .

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Getting a Grip on Angling Art

Tim Johnson’s grip designs can make a fly rod unique.
Photos by Tim Johnson

The life of Utah artist Tim Johnson is permeated by fly fishing. In addition to being a life-long angler and artist, Tim is a guide, contract fly designer, university fly-fishing instructor/adjunct professor, and . . .

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Angling Art: New Paintings of the Gaspé by Galen Mercer

“Dawn Salmon Fishing, Restigouche,” Oil on Canvas, 22″ X 18″, 2018
All paintings by Galen Mercer

Artist Galen Mercer lives along the Battenkill in West Arlington, Vermont. Canadian by birth, he’s the grandson of two painters and the son of another, so it’s kind of in his blood. Here are three of his most . . .

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