Photos of the Day: Trout Love to Slay Dragons in Patagonia

Written by John Bleh

Even big trout will throw themselves into the air to catch a meaty dragonfly.
Photo courtesy Rio Manso Lodge

South America has long been famous for its great fishing. Anglers from around the world journey here to catch brown, rainbow, and brook trout, and even landlocked salmon—all introduced at the beginning of the last century. Although there’s plenty of good dry-fly fishing to be found throughout the rivers and lakes of. . .

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Video: Yellow Fever, the Hunt for Golden Dorado

Ay yi yi, I want to do this very badly. Here’s some killer video footage from the the Paraná River in northern Argentina. As the filmmaker says about the target species, the golden dorado, “Solely designed to kill, he is the one in charge in the Paraná River.”

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