The Geography of Patagonia: The Southern Zone

The southern zone consists of the lower half of Santa Cruz province–where rivers begin to flow eastward again–all the way down to the landmark city of Ushuaia at the bottom of Tierra del Fuego nearly 1,000 kilometers away. . .

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Pro Tips: Understanding the Seasons of Patagonia

Written by: John Bleh, Rio Manso, 2015 Orvis Endorsed International Destination of the Year

You can tailor a Patagonia trip to fit your desires and angling preferences.
All photos courtesy Rio Manso Lodge

Everyone has a favorite type of fly fishing, and probably a favorite time of year to fish. As the seasons unfold in Argentina’s Patagonia region, the fishing changes, as well. From the

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Moment of Thrill 03.15.21

Sea-run brown trout were introduced to the rivers of Tierra del Fuego by in the 1930s. These fish grow big and strong by feeding on the rich food supply in the cold Atlantic waters. Then they return to the rivers of their . . .

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Pro Tips: An Angler’s Guide to Argentina

Written by: Jeremy Kehrein, Sporting Travel Program Manager for Orvis Adventures

An angler casts on Rio Malleo, as the volcano Lanin looms in the background.
Photo courtesy San Huberto Lodge

Asked to create a hierarchy of fly-fishing dream destinations, many anglers would put Argentina up at the top. Since the late 1950s, when Joe Brooks first wrote about the rivers of Patagonia in. . .

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Video: “Rio Grande” by Todd Moen

Todd Moen of Catch Magazine has released his epic film “Rio Grande,” shot in Tierra del Fuego. Scottish angler Gordon Armstrong fishes the Argentinian stretch of the river for huge sea-run brown trout. Though most of the Rio Grande is on the . . .

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Video: Argentina Dream Stream

Here’s a glorious video from Argentinian Patagonia, featuring sight-fishing to large rainbows and brown trout. These spring creeks are so clear that you can watch trout come off the bottom to . . .

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