Podcast: All About Bamboo Fly Rods, with Shawn Brillon

Want to know how a bamboo fly rod is made? How long it takes to make one? How many different hands touch an Orvis bamboo fly rod before you (and your children and grandchildren) become its lucky owner? And finally, what’s so great about bamboo . . .

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Classic Story: What Makes Bamboo So Special?

A teenage Tom Rosenbauer shows off a nice upstate New York brown and his favorite bamboo fly rod.
Photo courtesy Tom Roenbauer

Many people today treat bamboo fly rods as more of an heirloom than a fishing tool, but there are are also plenty of anglers who use only bamboo. In fact, there are probably more people fishing these rods today than there were 10 or 20 years ago. My love affair with bamboo began in the. . .

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