Photo of the Day: Beating the Odds in Belize

Written by: Joseph Pinkard, Orvis Adventures

Geoff Burke shows off a sweet Belize
Photo by Joseph Pinkard

The odds of catching a permit are about 1 in 25 shots. The odds of hosting a trip to El Pescador in Belize and finding out that guest Geoff Burke and I grew up ten minutes from each other are. . .

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Belize, Day 2: A Slammin’ Day on the Flats

The post-landing permit fist-bump signaled a change in plan for our day on the water.
All photos by Phil Monahan

On our second day of fishing at El Pescador, I got paired with the great Kirk Deeter—editor of Trout and Angling Trade Magazines, as well as one of the minds behind. . .

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Belize, Day 1: Oh, the Things You Learn on the Flats!

Guide Emir (left) and Dr. Aaron Adams scan for permit south of Ambergris Caye.
All photos by Phil Monahan

If you hang out with a renowned marine biologist for a whole day on the water, you can learn a lot of stuff. Today, I learned that permit are jerks. They will hang out in schools, just out of comfortable casting range, and then. . .

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Rare: Making Strides with Fish Forever to Protect Belize’s Unique Fisheries

Belizean Fishers discuss the Managed Access program
Photo by Rare/John Chase

A recipient of an Orvis Customer Matching Grant, Rare is working to create sustainable fishing practices in Belize in an innovative way. Here is a story, courtesy of Rare’s John Chase, of how they are building a sense of community and cooperation to last for generations:

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