Podcast: The Future of Bristol Bay, with Nelli Williams

Champions of clean water and an intact ecosystem have a lot to celebrate with our recent victory in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska. But this ruling only protects a relatively small part of Bristol Bay, which is a huge body of water. Nelli Williams from . . .

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Bristol Bay Fly Fishing & Guide Academy: Commencement

Congratulations to the 2016 Graduating Class of the Bristol Bay Fly Fishing & Guide Academy
Photo by BBFFGA

Is there anything quite as inspiring as the pride and enthusiasm of a group of fresh-faced young men and women celebrating a landmark achievement? Instead of sporting cap and gown, however, this bunch is looking pretty great in waders and ball caps!

Meet the 2016 graduating class of the Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide Academy! Located in Bristol Bay, AK, the Academy merges salmon and river education with recreation and conservation principles to educate, engage and inspire Bristol Bay young adults to become local leaders…

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Take Action to Protect Bristol Bay, and Register to Win a Trip to Alaska!

What better way to appreciate the wonder of Alaska than with a trip for two to Crystal Creek Lodge—2011 Orvis Fly-Fishing Lodge of the Year—in the heart of Bristol Bay? All you have to do to enter the contest is take action to let the EPA know that you stand with millions of others against the proposed Pebble Mine. The video above explains why stopping this. . .

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Essay: What We’re Fighting to Save in Bristol Bay

Paul Fersen offers a vision of the pristine landscape threatened by Pebble Mine
Photo by Jim Klug

I sat on the edge of the raft, watching the snags slip beneath us. There were thousands in the sixty miles of river, each of them clinging to twisted white bodies like the barbed wire of Verdun. Carcasses lined the shorelines like the aftermath of some apocalyptic battle.

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