Classic Photo Essay: Dry-Fly Heaven in Yellowstone National Park

This wild Yellowstone Park brown trout fell for a foam hopper pattern.
Photo by Tom Evenson

Tom Evenson and I spent Tuesday night at Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge, which was pretty cool for me: it was the first time I’d stayed there since I was a guide at Hubbard’s in 1994. As you can see from the photo below, the view from the lodge is nothing short of spectacular, looking northward up Paradise Valley along the. . .

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Classic Video: The Fishiest Little Crick On Earth

Dry Run Creek is a stream in Arkansas that is open only to children under 16 and qualified handicapped anglers. That leaves the rest of us to just watch and drool. Yet another example of George Bernard Shaw’s brilliant observation: . . .

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Video: Doin’ It in the Dolomites

Here’s a cool short video from the Dolomite Mountains of northeastern Italy. The description on vimeo offers no details about the angler or the location, but there’s some glorious scenery and. . .

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Classic Photos and Essay: A Montana Boy Tries His Hand in New Zealand

Written By: Thayer Janes

Thayer Janes found that his Montana skills required some tweaking to fool New Zealand trout.
All photos by Thayer Janes

I once had a friend tell me after a long, unfortunate day of fishing, “Pal, that’s why they call it ‘fishing’ and not ‘catching.’” Well, it seems like I have been saying those words far too often here in. . .

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1,000 Miles: We’re Almost There!

Farmer Creek, OR
Photo by Trout Unlimited

Put yourself into the scene above. Imagine standing on the banks of the tranquil Farmer Creek in Oregon on a warm autumn afternoon, listening to the music of the stream. Not too long ago this idyllic trout spawning ground was blocked by a perched culvert. Thanks to the Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles Campaign this stream is once again full of life. Wouldn’t you love to see more of this?…

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A visit from the fish gods. . .

Every once in a while you witness a fishing anomaly, or what I like to call a visit from the fish gods. In this short video from TwoFisted Heart Productions they encounter a sticky situation that turns into. . .

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Photo of the Day: Sam’s Big Brown, Part III

Fishing a river in Upstate New York, Sam Brown scored big in tough conditions.
All photos by Shawn Combs

It’s no mystery why our colleague Sam Brown, a financial analyst, likes to fish with head of Orvis Rod & Tackle Shawn “Diddy” Combs. Each spring, Sam goes on a float trip with Diddy, and over the past three years he’s. . .

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