Orvis News Readers’ Photos, Volume I

The size 18 Yellow Humpy was on fire for Mike Hamline on Chalk Creek, outside Buena Vista, Colorado.
Photo by Mike Hamline

On Monday, I posted about how you can send in your photos to appear on the Orvis News, and I’ve already received some great submissions. I’ll post some readers’ photos as singles, others in batches, or however else seems appropriate. A few of these had been. . .

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Photos: A Guide’s View of An Orvis Meeting on the Water

Written by: Bryan Eldredge

Doug Bear hoists an unusual, and unusually big, rainbow.
All photos by Bryan Eldredge

Fishing with Bill Reed, Doug Best, and Doug Bear was a real treat. Guides meet people of all kinds of skill and ability, but rarely do you get a chance to spend the day with three anglers as talented these guys. I love teaching novice anglers, but it was sure fun to watch this group just take a river apart. Even better, we got to. . .

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How to Submit Your Photos to Orvis News

Blog reader Nick Mabunay was fishing for pike on Colorado’s Yampa River, using a straight 15-pound leader leader and a size 2 Black Half & Half, when this big aggressive brown trout struck.
Photo by Nick Mabunay

We love to get photos from Orvis News readers, so we can see where they’re fishing and what they’re catching. Several folks have asked how they can submit a photos for a “Picture of the Day” or anything  on the Fly Fishing blog. It’s easy, and there are. . .

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Video: Big Browns in Colorado’s North Park

Blog reader Bob Reece pointed us to this killer video of his trip to the meadow streams and Platte River in the valley of North Park, Colorado. Lots of great underwater shots here of beautiful trout.

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Video: Sweet Dreams of Oregon Trout

Dang. The folks at Outside Bend Productions have been busy. Not only do they get a video in last week’s Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, but they follow it up with another killer production on Sunday night. This one answers the question: When stuck in a hotel room during a business trip to Los Angeles, what does a city-bound fly fisher dream of? Home waters, of course.

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Photos of the Day: Can You Say “Youghiogheny”?

This 23-inch brown trout ate an Isonychia dry fly.
Photo by Mike Steiner

Guide Mike Steiner of the Nemacolin Field Club sent me some photos of recent fish from the Youghiogheny River in southwestern Pennsylvania, along with a note: . . .

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Photos: Big California Brown Trout from “Location X”

Written by: Mark Schaller, Orvis San Jose

It’s always gratifying when a difficult-to-access piece of water offers a big return on your investment.
Photo by Jack Golan

Fellow Orvis sales associate Jack Golan and I ventured out of the shop last week to scout a new section of water, which we suspected, might hold some big trout. We had picked up some nice fish on a smaller, more easily accessed part of this river earlier in the year and hoped the more. . .

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Photo of the Day: Accidental Trophy Brown Trout

Written by: Robert Daniel

Who catches a trout of a lifetime while fishing for something else? That may be the very definition of good luck.
Photo courtesy Robert Daniel

The 28-inch brown in the picture was actually caught when I was carp fishing! It was the last day of the week-long Sweetwater Guide School on the Bighorn River in Montana. I—as well as two other students and Ron Meek, who runs the guide school—had decided to fish for carp in the reservoir above the dam on the Bighorn. We were catching decent carp on cicada dry-fly patterns, and they would take you. . .

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