Fish Story: The Third-Try Brown Trout

Written by: Dan from Albuquerque

Persistence paid off for Dan, as he was able to tempt this beauty three separate times during a single day.
Photo by Dan from Albuquerque

Northern New Mexico went into a winter storm warning last weekend, but it didn’t officially start until noon on Saturday so I figured I could get some fishing in before the weather hit. I decided to fish the Rio Chama to see if I could find some post-spawn browns lurking around the. . .

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Photo of the Day: A Rogue Brown Trout in Michigan

Michigan’s Rogue River, a tributary of the Grand, is well known for its fall brown-trout fishing.
Photo courtesy Scott Ribitch

Blog reader Scott Ribitch sent in this photo along with a description: “This beautiful brown trout was holed up in a deep pool and took my egg fly on the Rogue River in Rockford, Michigan.”

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Video: Getting Frigid in the Gunnison Basin of Colorado

Here’s a quick little film by Miles Peterson that captures the feeling of being alone on the river in late fall. There’s a dusting of snow on the ground, the water looks almost black, but there are trout to be caught. It’s no trophy, but it’s

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Photos of the Day: Dream Stream Brown Trout

Written by: Rick Bayley

This brown trout probably followed the kokanees on their spawning run.
Photo courtesy Rick Bayley

Thought I’d send you pictures of a couple of trout I caught on the Dream Stream [the South Platte between Spinney and Elevenmile Reservoirs in Colorado] on October 7. Earlier, in the Summer, I was guided by. . .

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Video: Chalkstream Girl on the River Itchen

Here’s a short film by Ian May featuring Gilly Bate, Winston, and Zac fly fishing for brown trout and grayling on Hampshire’s delightful river Itchen. I love the way that trout chases the fly.

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Photo of the Day: A Late Season Brown Trout to Remember

Written by: Brian Burkholder

Doug Robidoux shows off his late-season White River brown trout, which fell for a Soft Hackle.
Photo by Brian Burkholder

[Editor’s note: We love it when readers send in their photos and the stories behind them. We dig it just a little more when the fish is from our own backyard.]

I’ve been prodding my buddy, Doug Robidoux, to submit this photo of the brown trout he caught recently, and he’s finally. . .

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Video from the Archives: “Holy Crap!” Brown Trout

Here’s an amazing video of Lake Tahoe guide Matt Heron casting to, hooking, and landing a brown trout of a lifetime. His astonishment when the fish first comes to the surface is understandable, and he plays the big trout extremely carefully. But it’s when it comes time to. . .

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