Photo Essay: Shutdown Brown Trout in Montana

Written by: John McKinnie, Lone Mountain Ranch

The Upper Madison below Earthquake Lake continued to produce when the Yellowstone National Park was off-limits.
Photo courtesy Lone Mountain Ranch

Over the two weeks when the U.S. government was shut down, anglers around the area were frustrated by the closure of Yellowstone National Park. Fall fishing inside the park can provide the opportunity for the fish of a. . .

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Video: Big Browns in a Little-Known Corner of Africa

How many of you can find the Kingdom of Lesotho on a map? (Or pronounce it correctly?) Here’s a very cool video showing the kind of fly fishing for brown trout that is available in the mountainous region of this tiny African nation. When he finally gets a hand on the tail of that fish, don’t be surprised if you. . .

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Video: Reel Girl in Slovenia

Something about the color of the water makes Slovenia seem like a magical place to fish. Here’s a great video from Norwegian angler Lotte Aulom, a.k.a. Reel Girl, who can throw a pretty sweet loop. There are mostly rainbows here, with a brown thrown in for good measure.

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Video: “Flight Mode,” Brown Trout in Norway

Here’s a gorgeous video from Norway’s Trond Kjærstad, who puts his cell phone in flight mode and heads off to a sweet lake where big browns cruise among weedbeds. There are a couple killer shots of. . .

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Video: Outta Town Brown Trout

Here’s some great stuff from the waters of Oregon, where the Kids with Sticks get into some serious brown trout. But they don’t just focus on success, and you’ll see some reactions and facial expressions that might seem eerily familiar if you’ve ever lost a big one.

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