Photos: Why Guides Love the Off Season

Written by Josh Berry

The author caught this fine brown trout on a “guide’s holiday” on the Gallatin River.
All photos courtesy Lone Mountain Ranch

As summer comes to a close here in southwestern Montana, I am finding myself with substantially more free time than I have had over the past couple months. Luckily, some of big browns in the Gallatin are. . .

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Video: Missouri River Days

Here’s a great video shot on the Missouri River near Craig, Montana, by Hunter Jones. It features plenty of gorgeous trout, a great soundtrack, and some interesting perspectives. Jones hails from Washington, DC, but he clearly likes to get his Big Sky on.

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Photos of the Day: A Colorado Grand Slam

Written by Will Long

An unexpected catch on a brook-trout stream—a gorgeous Colorado River Cutthroat.
All photos courtesy Will Long

[Editor’s note: Blog reader Will Long sent in these great photos and the story behind them, about a trip to Colorado to see his family and to catch wild trout. Click here to learn how to submit your own photos and stories.]

I recently took a trip up to Lake City, Colorado, to visit my family. They moved there six years ago, while I stayed behind in San Antonio, Texas. I have fished all my life, but it wasn’t until. . .

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Photos of the Day: Deerfield River Browns and ‘Bows

A friend told Chuck about his secret spot, which yielded this beautiful rainbow, one of three on the day.
All photos by Chuck

Blog reader Chuck—who hails from Shelburne, Massachusetts—sent in these four photos of great fish he caught recently on the Deerfield River, a tailwater in the northwestern part of the. . .

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Photo of the Day: Meat-Eating Brown Trout from the Madison

This nice slab of brown trout fell for a white Sculpzilla streamer.
Photo by John Way

My new friend John Way—owner of The Tackle Shop (Southwest Montana’s oldest fly shop) in Ennis, Montana—sent me this great photo of his longtime client John Stewart. (No, not that John Stewart, obviously.) Stewart lives in Ennis and is lucky enough to spent about 15 days a year in the front of John’s drift boat.

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Video: Mon Dieu! That’s a Big French Trout.

Here’s a great teaser for a documentary to be shown on French television. The angler is Marc Millieroux, who is apparently a fly fisher of some renown in his native land. But no matter where you fish, that’s one hot brown trout.

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Video: Giant Rainbows, or “Montucky Hogs”

“Montucky” is slang for out-of-the-way places in Montana, far from the madding crowds. (It’s the western version of “Pennsyltucky,” I believe.) Whatever the name, these are some sweet fish and a cool video.

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Photo Essay: Writers’ Retreat at Orvis and in the Catskills

Some of the biggest names in the fly-fishing press—of both the online and “dead tree” variety—get ready
to tour the Orvis Rod Shop in manchester, Vermont. How many can you name?
All photos by Brian O’Keefe

Last week, Orvis hosted a large group of fly-fishing writers, editors, and photographers for a few days of meetings and a tour of the Rod Shop, followed by a trip to the Catskills to wet a line. One of the great things about this business is. . .

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Photos of the Day: Trout Fishing in Greece?

This beautiful native Greek brown needs protection from poachers.
Photo by Dimitri

I received a fascinating email from a Greek angler named Dimitri today.This is interesting for two reasons: 1. I’ve never met a Greek fly fisherman, although I assumed they existed, and 2. I’ve never seen photos of Greek trout or rivers. Here’s Dimitri’s account of his fly-fishing world. (I have edited for clarity.): . . .

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