Video from the Archives: “Holy Crap!” Brown Trout

Here’s an amazing video of Lake Tahoe guide Matt Heron casting to, hooking, and landing a brown trout of a lifetime. His astonishment when the fish first comes to the surface is understandable, and he plays the big trout extremely carefully. But it’s when it comes time to. . .

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An Upstream Journey, Dispatch #9: Fighting Huge Rainbow Trout and Talking Climate Change

This Lower Sac rainbow the most powerful trout the author has ever caught.
Photo by Paul Moinester

[Editor’s Note: Paul Moinester has embarked on a six-month, 20,000-mile adventure to exploring the upstream battle to protect wild fish and their habitat. He has been posting dispatches on the Fly Fishing blog throughout his journey.]

Sense of time has never been my strong suit. Despite my best efforts, I’m routinely late for everything. My friends just refer to it as MST – Moinester Standard Time. And as bad as I am with time in everyday life, it’s exponentially worse when I have a fly rod in my hand. It’s not uncommon for me to. . .

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Photos: Big California Brown Trout from “Location X”

Written by: Mark Schaller, Orvis San Jose

It’s always gratifying when a difficult-to-access piece of water offers a big return on your investment.
Photo by Jack Golan

Fellow Orvis sales associate Jack Golan and I ventured out of the shop last week to scout a new section of water, which we suspected, might hold some big trout. We had picked up some nice fish on a smaller, more easily accessed part of this river earlier in the year and hoped the more. . .

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Video: “Enough is Enough” for California’s Famed McCloud River

Enough Is Enough is the story of northern California’s McCloud River, its fish, and its unique impact on fly fishing around the world. The short documentary explains what makes the river special and outlines the threats to its future. But aside from its important message, this is also just a gorgeous piece of filmmaking about rivers and fly fishing. I have never been to the McCloud, but I hope that the conservation community can do everything possible to. . .

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Fly-Fishing Picture of the Day: El Capitan de Brook Trout

Written by: Greg Hocevar

It’s no monster, but this Yosemite brook trout displays amazing colors.
Photo by photo courtesy Greg Hocevar

People generally don’t think of Yosemite National Park as a fly-fishing destination. They think of its sheer granite cliffs—Half Dome and El Capitan—the waterfalls, Yosemite Valley, and the High Sierra. At some point during my time fly fishing, my thinking and perspective has gone from catching as many fish as I can, to catching the biggest fish I can, to catching fish in the most. . .

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