Photos: A Father-Son Fishing Adventure in Manitoba

Written by: Stu Thompson

I’d be all smiles, too, if I’d landed a fat brownie like that!
Photo by Kevin Thompson

My son, Kevin, and I got out one long weekend in May for our yearly father-and son-fishing trip. We went up to Duck Mountain Provincial Park and had some really good fishing, even though. . .

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Video: One More Time Around

Here’s a nice little montage of the great fishing opportunities on Prince George, British Columbia—in the middle of the province. It looks like the kind of place where an angler could get lost in. . .

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Video: Hank Patterson is. . .Sensei (Trailer)

In the highly anticipated film “Sensei”, Fly Fusion’s steelhead editor, April Vokey, teaches fly-fishing sensation, Hank Patterson, how to Spey cast for steelhead. Hank is a “quick study” and it’s. . .

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Video: Hooké’s No Man’s Land (Trailer)

Whenever we post videos, we suggest that you watch them at full screen and in HD, but I’m not sure we’ve ever featured a video that demands such a viewing the way this one does. This trailer for an upcoming Hooké production about an astonishing trip to the Ungava Peninsula in. . .

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Video: Steelhead, Pickles, and Big Hair

Here’s a two-minute trailer for an upcoming film about Spey-fishing for steelhead in British Columbia from the one and only Captain Quinn, whose work we have been featuring since way back in. . .

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