Video: The Important Places

Here’s a wonderful short film about the connection between a father and son, and the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The winner of the Most Inspirational Film award at the 2015 5Point Film Festival, this film will remind and inspire you to revere and cherish The Important Places in each and every one of us. Presented by American Rivers, NRS, & Chacos, and produced by Gnarly Bay.

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Video: “Enough is Enough” for California’s Famed McCloud River

Enough Is Enough is the story of northern California’s McCloud River, its fish, and its unique impact on fly fishing around the world. The short documentary explains what makes the river special and outlines the threats to its future. But aside from its important message, this is also just a gorgeous piece of filmmaking about rivers and fly fishing. I have never been to the McCloud, but I hope that the conservation community can do everything possible to. . .

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Video Tuesday Tip: How to Land, Revive, and Release Large Fish

Live Release – for the Wild Atlantic Salmon from Atlantic Salmon Federation on Vimeo.

Here’s a great lesson on how to land, revive, and release large fish. It was created by the Atlantic Salmon Federation and its partners in the Quebec government, so it’s focused on Salmo salar, but you can easily see how these techniques apply to steelhead, Pacific salmon, and even larger trout. Even better, the video features some. . .

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