Kelly Diversion in Wyoming

The Newbold Diversion on the Gros Ventre River in Kelly, Wyoming was well past its prime. Originally built to power flour and saw mills, the diversion had outlived its usefulness. In 2013, Trout Unlimited…

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Bringing Alewives Back to the Penobscot River

Written by: Andrew Goode, vice president of U.S. programs for the Atlantic Salmon Federation

The old low-head dam on Pushaway Lake blocked access to migrating alewives.
Photo courtesy ASF

In what has the potential to be Maine’s single largest restoration project for sea-run alewives, the Atlantic Salmon Foundation recently completed a Denil fishway (a design developed in 1909 by a Belgian scientist, G. Denil) at the outlet to Pushaw Lake in Maine’s Penobscot watershed. The Orvis Conservation Fund provided a small grant for this work and has previously provided funding for the ongoing large dam removals on the. . .

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Video: “Enough is Enough” for California’s Famed McCloud River

Enough Is Enough is the story of northern California’s McCloud River, its fish, and its unique impact on fly fishing around the world. The short documentary explains what makes the river special and outlines the threats to its future. But aside from its important message, this is also just a gorgeous piece of filmmaking about rivers and fly fishing. I have never been to the McCloud, but I hope that the conservation community can do everything possible to. . .

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