Video: Unlikely Best Friends

It’s no coincidence that this video, which tells the story of Chance and his new family, is sponsored by Kleenex. . .because you’re probably going to need one by the end of it. After losing the use. . .

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Blind Golden Retriever Warms Hearts as Therapy Dog

Joanne George says Smiley, the service dog, has become a favorite therapy dog in her area.
Photo by Joanne George via

Here’s an inspirational story from north of the border, where a beautiful Golden Retriever who was born without eyes is spending his life helping others. Smiley was rescued from a puppy. . .

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Video: Rescued Dog Becomes Guide to His Blind Pal

Denny and Drummond at Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, soon after their rescue.
Photo via

ROSWELL, Ga. (WXIA) — Together, they are a sight to see — two Cocker Spaniels, bouncing back from severe neglect. And one never lets the other out of his sight. They share an. . .

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TurboRoo Inspires a New Kind of Mobility for Disabled Dogs

TurboRoo shows off his new mobility, using his new 3D printed mobility cart.
Photo by Kelly Wilkinson/The Star

A little rescue dog named Roo, who was born without front legs, got a big break when he met Ashley Looper, a vet tech at Indianapolis’s The Downtown Veterinarian who rescued the. . .

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Video: Zeus’s Remarkable Journey

Photo by Lynda Kuether, via

Here’s an incredible story about a paralyzed dog who was rescued from a high-kill shelter and placed in the perfect foster home. Not only did Zeus’s foster mom want to give. . .

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