Petfinder: A Rose by Any Other Name…

A Sweet Little Rosebud
Photo by Fluvanna SPCA

Rose and her sister Blaze were only about six weeks old when they were found as strays, and brought to the Fluvanna SPCA in Troy, VA. The street is no place for little ones! Although they were sweet and affectionate, it’s hard to put your best paw forward when you’re covered with fleas and ticks! But their luck was about to change…

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Petfinder: Hygiene Counts!

Photo by Humane Society of Delaware County

Say you’re a reasonably attractive plus-size dog who, through no fault of your own, ends up in a shelter. And although the staff at the shelter is very kind to you…

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Audio: Great NPR Story on the Movement Against Pet-Store Sales

Cities in several states have passed dog-sale bans, aimed at cracking down on substandard puppy breeders.
Photo via

A story on NPR yesterday focused on the movement to ban the sale of dogs at pet stores in many towns and cities across Florida.So far, at least 30 bans are in place in the Sunshine State, added to similar laws in California, New Jersey, and other states. Dog advocates argue that. . .

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Petfinder: Helping Less-Adoptable-Pets

Martin wasn’t stubborn and reactive…he was in pain!
Photo by Three Sisters Pet Rescue

We’ve all had the bad luck to be misunderstood! A pet that is perceived to have a behavior problem can be difficult to place. Sometimes, however, the underlying problem is medical — and treatable. For example, when Martin, a young Beagle, arrived at Three Sisters Pet Rescue in Cincinnati, Ohio, he’d been labeled “stubborn and reactive”

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