Dog Tips: How to Stop Puppies from Biting

Puppies look so cute . . . until they sink those sharp teeth into you.
Photo by Alisa, Rancho Palos Verdes

Teaching your puppy to stop biting starts as soon as you bring home your furry bundle of joy. Or, to put it more accurately: You’ll start teaching your puppy to bite the right things (e.g., her dog toys and dog treats) and keep her choppers off the wrong things (e.g., your fingers and toes). 

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Explained: 10 Weird Things Dogs Do

Do you know why your dog eats grass/
Photo by

Admit it. Sometimes your dog behaves a little weird.

Of all the spots in the house to take a seat, your furry best friend chooses your foot. She raids your dirty laundry and deposits her treasure around the house. She drinks water from the toilet rather than her water bowl.

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Common Questions and Answers about your Dog’s Tongue

By: Orvis Staff

Photo by Deborah, Valparaiso

Depending on your point of view, one of the most endearing—or off-putting—features of a dog is his tongue. Everpresent, busy, and often intrusive, a dog’s tongue can also be one of his most . . .

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How to Stop Leash Aggression in Dogs

By: Sondra Wolfer

Does this sound all too familiar? Your dog is a well-mannered angel hanging around the house and back yard, and an utter charmer when running loose with his furry friends in the dog park. But . . .

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Lyme Disease in Dogs

By: Amber Roberts

Is your dog suddenly sleepy or lethargic more often?
Photo by Kris, Yukon

Canine Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, is a concern for many dog owners. Lyme disease diagnoses have been on the rise since it was discovered, . . .

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How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping

By: Sondra Wolfer

Training your dog to sit, rather than jump, is an important step.
Photo by Kate, Newton

The reason your dog jumps on you when you walk through the door is a sweet one — she’s trying to say “hello.” Touching noses is an instinctual salutation among dogs. Because you’re taller than . . .

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Pro Tips: How to Talk to Your Dog, Part II—The Right Pitch

Major wants to understand, and you can help him.
Photo by Kate, Newton

There are lots of ways that we communicate with our dogs—with our eyes, through body language, and even through our moods—but speaking to them is how we train, correct, and praise . . .

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