Mya’s Story: Learning to Trust Again

According to her foster mom, Mia is showing great courage in her return to normalcy.
Photo courtesy Second Chance Animal Center

[Editor’s Note: Here is a beautiful post by the foster mother of Mya, who comes from our local shelter, Second Chance Animal Center, in Shaftsbury, Vermont.]

Mya, my 5-year old foster dog, looks like a cross between a German Shepherd Dog and one of those hair-challenged, partly-naked Chinese crested dogs that always wins the “ugliest-dog-it’s-cute” contests. You see, she’s got quite a few bald spots from her battle with. . .

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Know Your Dog: New Study Unlocks Some of the Secrets of Tail Wagging

Does it matter which way are those tails wagging?
Photo by Tom, Bowie

One of the first things a person learns about dogs is that they wag their tails when they are happy. While this is true, it turns out that the tail motion conveys a lot more information. An article on describes a recent study that explored how. . .

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California Woman Creates Pack-Based Rescue to Help Rehabilitate Aggressive Dogs

Colleen Combs, founder of the Green Dog Rescue Project, along with part of her pack.
Photo by Christopher Chung/ The Press Democrat

A fascinating story in the Santa Rosa (CA) Press Democrat focuses on Colleen Combs and her Green Dog Rescue Project. Launched with the help of celebrity chef Douglas Keane—who donated $120,000 he received from winning the “Top Chef Masters” competition on TV channel Bravo to help get the rescue off the ground—Green Dog doesn’t keep its. . .

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5 Tips on How to Speak Dog

Would you know how best to communicate with Champ?
Photo by Monica, Littleton

An article posted yesterday on offers five tips for communicating with dogs in a nonverbal way. According to author Michelle C. Hollow, . . .

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The Incredible Dog Nose as a Scientific Tool

Dogs exhale through the side slits of their nostrils so exhaling air doesn’t dilute the scent of incoming air.
Photo via

A fascinating story on today focuses on how scientists are using dogs to help in field work. Specifically, the story features a Groenendael (Beligian sheepdog) named Sharpy, who is being trained to sniff out the nests of. . .

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6 Tips for Dealing with an Unleashed Dog

When your dog is leashed, the approach of an unleashed dog can be unsettling.
Photo by Phil Monahan

When your dog is on a leash and under control—say, during a daily walk—and an off-leash dog comes running up, this can create real problems. The leashed dog may become upset or aggravated, and the situation can turn dangerous for both the dogs and the human involved. An article on offers 6 useful tips for dealing with this situation, ranging from. . .

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